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What’s Your Inner Spirit Animal?

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 26 Jun 2018 Rachael OWT


If you can’t be wild and wonderful at home then when can you be? Our animal kingdom collection is all about being bold and daring with your home decor. This week we’re looking to our animal friends to find our inner spirit animal. We share similar traits with animals, whether you’re confident like a leopard, or rebellious like a monkey. Knowing you’re personality and how to enhance your positive traits can help you design your home. Unleash the strong cheetah in you with powerful prints, or quell your zebra temper with calming colours.


A leopard never changes its spots.

Leopard symbolism: Confidence, Clarity, Power

You’re a head turner. You ooze personal power, self-confidence and elegance. At work you’re a cunning leader with excellent communication skills. When it comes to relationships, you’re the alpha, never wanting the spotlight to be too far from you. You’re positive and can problem solve and get through challenges and obstacles with grace. Your ego can get the best of you, and with eyes so often on you it’s easy to affect peoples mood if you’re not at your best.

Lovebird Leopards Magnolia Cushion Cover
Lovebird Leopards Magnolia Cushion Cover £113 Shop here

Career choice: Business Owner, Marketing, Sales, Project Management

Compatible with: Someone who brings the best out of you, allowing you to shine.

Stripy Swagger

Zebra symbolism: Uniqueness, Individuality, Eccentricity

One word: swagger. Often late to meetings you can come across a little arrogant with your self confidence and aggressive streak. But you are a loyal friend, with lots of them and you have passionate determination. Your libido is always ready for full gallop at the slightest of flirtations. Not always ready to commit to relationships, you enjoy a casual fling to fit in with your busy and competitive life. You have a strong sense of justice and are a logical thinker.

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Career choice: Science, Engineering, Law, Police, Accounting.

Compatible with: Someone that can equal your intensity and ambition.

Monkey Business

Monkey symbolism: Power, grace, curiosity and energy.

You’re the life of the party. You work hard to achieve good health and family life. You’re playful and rebellious which means that having laughter in your life is good for the soul. But you can find it hard to reign your silliness in at times, crossing the line between playful and serious. Your creativity and imaginativeness makes you fun to be around, but you can take it too far forgetting to take care of yourself and others close to you.

Monkey Paradise Chalk Cushion Cover
Monkey Paradise Chalk Cushion Cover £113 Shop here

Career choice: Artist, Designer, Writer

Compatible with: Someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.
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