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Using Cushion Covers To Transform Your Home – The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Best Scatter Cushions Of 2018

All, INSPIRATION & TRENDS 07 Nov 2018 Rachael OWT
Amber Interiors

Cushions and candles are two things you can just never have enough of when making a house a home. Some might disagree with the inordinate amount of time it takes to remove 6 cushions from the bed before going to sleep, (see Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly) but we have a very liberal approach to cushions, bordering on obsessive. Cushions are the easiest and quickest way to update a sofa, disguise an old armchair, or add a pop of colour or print to a room.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be helping you choose the right cushions for your home, because let’s face it, there’s an overwhelming choice. We’ll be looking at our favourite prints, shapes, colours and fillings, guiding you in the right direction depending on your style and space.

If you’re ever looking to transform a room quickly and inject some new life into your home, then change up your cushions. This is something you can do every few years, or with the changing seasons, with warmer colours for Winter, or softer colours for Summer. But how do you pick cushions that work for you? It can be quite daunting; from deciding on the right colours to choosing the perfect shapes, print and colour.

This week we’ll be looking at how to inject personality into your home just using cushions. We’ll be introducing our current favourite cushion prints and colours to you, and then we round off by showing you why shape is important, with the best cushion combinations for your home.

Cushion prints:


Adding colour:

Cushion Shapes:


First, let’s take a look at some cushty print inspiration to see what fits your style and personality. We’re focusing on our 2 current favourite prints, animal and tropical, as well as geometric which is a timeless classic print to introduce into your home.

Cushion Prints

Animal Print Cushions


Animal print cushions are for those who have a little wild side, and like to add a dash of glamour to their interiors. It’s no secret that animal print cushions are our current favourite. From Zebra to leopard print cushions we have a wild array of animal prints to choose from in the Oh What’s This shop. Animal print is a versatile choice, complementing almost any colour scheme and adding worldly edge to a design scheme instantly. These tiger print cushions below show how animal print can work in a masculine setting, if you’re working with a monochrome or classic colour palette:


Designer/ Robert Brown-Photo/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

If you prefer a softer more feminine aesthetic to the above, but want to add a little edge, then animal print cushions are the perfect way to do this. Proven here by the leopard print cushions contrasting the blush and taupe colour scheme.


This is Glamorous
Velvet Leopard Rectangle Cushion £40 Shop here on Oh What’s This

Geometric Cushions


When it comes to geometric cushions there can be a lot of choice and there’s no end to the print and patterns you can choose. Geometric cushions add a contemporary feel, and they can also add that interior designer touch. If you want to replicate hotel design for your bedroom, pair up two or three geometric cushions:


CC & Mike Creative

Geometric cushions can easily be mixed and matched with other styles like Aztec. Here’s a great example of how to add some depth with other contrasting pattern:

Suzy Hoodless Photo: Sharyn Cairns

From zig zag to abstract shapes, layering up geometric cushions on the sofa can work for an eclectic look as well as a more refined interior design look. If you prefer your home accessories to match, then style two identical geometric cushions for instant chicness, like the bedroom above.

Tropical Cushions


Tropical might seem like a Summer print but it can work in dark and eclectic interiors all year round too. See House of Hackney if you’re not convinced. If you’re looking for a tropical cushion to work throughout the seasons, choose darker, richer colours. Tropical cushions add an effortless exotic touch as well as cool impact.


House Lust
Tropical Kentia Cushion £59 Shop here

Aside from print, other things to consider when choosing cushions are, size, shape, quantity, and colour. Block colour cushions can make just as much impact in a room as print and pattern. When choosing the right colour, pick out accent tones already in the room, or colours that complement any art or accessories you have. Style the cushions together with matching colours, or a complementing print. Key colours to watch out for this Autumn/Winter are yellow and green. Work either of these colours into your interiors with cushions and you’ll be bang on trend without the worry of them going out of style, as these two colours are timeless.

Adding Colour

Yellow Cushion Covers


Yellow is a versatile colour choice for cushions. As a colour, it can symbolise warmth, cheerfulness, and increase mental activity as well as energy. Yellow can also help activate the memory, and encourage communication. Mustard is a great colour choice for a dark room to add a pop of colour, and canary yellow cushion covers can be just as great in a light space.


Andrew Jonathan

If you like a bohemian aesthetic, this living room is a perfect example of how to incorporate a yellow cushion into a monochrome space.


Green Cushion Covers


The colour green signifies luxury and ambition and there’s no denying that green cushion covers make an instant luxury addition to interiors. Style in a pair for a refined look, or mix and match with bold print for a style statement. If you have dark walls, style on the sofa for a big colour pop, or match with botanical wallpaper for a nature inspired exotic look.

Pink Peonies
Lauren Nelson Design

Cushion Shapes


But it’s not just cushion covers that count. Shape is key when it comes to styling multiple cushions. Mixing up different sized cushions helps to add depth and intrigue. Depending on the size of your bed or sofa there are many different ways to arrange cushions, using square, lumbar, round or bolster. If you’re styling a sofa, try a couple of large block colour cushions, then add smaller (45x45cm) print cushions in front and finish off the look with a 30x50cm rectangular cushion in the centre. This handy post shows 9 different ways to arrange cushions on your sofa.

For this article we’ll just be focusing on two shapes that can really transform a sofa.

Round Cushion Covers


A round cushion can work great with a low sofa, or layered up against square cushions on the bed. They help to add a bit of character and difference to the usual square cushion covers.


Styled With Grace

If you’re feeling crafty, this blog shows you how to make your own round cushion covers using felt and pom poms:


A Beautiful Mess

Rectangle Cushion Covers


If you prefer a less symmetrical look, you can pair up rectangular cushions, but layer them up with different size cushions in front, like this stylish sofa:

Avenue Lifestyle

A rectangle cushion will work great in the bedroom, layered up with other shapes and sizes. This bohemian bedroom uses a 2-3-2 cushion combination, using three different sized rectangle cushion shapes. For more guidance these amazing pillow charts will make styling your bed easy.

Amber Interiors

So there you have it, there’s really no end to the versatility of cushions. Hopefully you now feel inspired to  inject a bit of hotel chic, or boho charm to your home and experiment with print, colour and shape.

Now we’ve got the look, what about the feel, filling and finish? Next time we’ll be looking at how to make bespoke cushions for your home, including where to find stylish fabrics, what textures to pick and how to choose the best filling.