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Tuesday Trend Watch: Stylish Gold Wall Sconces

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 06 Feb 2018 Rachael OWT

In my eyes there’s nothing worse than one of those bog standard wall sconces. Why oh why settle for an ugly sconce I ask? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just head to Homebase. (Sorry). This blog post could be turned into a drinking game, all rise every time I say the word sconce. Apologies for this, sometimes there’s just no other way around it.

Wall sconces are something American’s are truly great at, (we are too you, just have to look extra hard and search further). I was delighted to find some stylish wall sconces for the OWT shop that were affordable, handmade and gold. They are made in Spain by Ponz Lighting. So before I delve into some inspiration on how to style them, take a look at the collection:

wall-sconces-lighting-ohwhatsthis1. Ponz Gold Vanity Sconce, £68  2.  Ponz Milk Bulb Sconce £87  3. Ponz Gold Ceiling Sconce £66 4. Mid Century Sconce £69 5. Green Wall Light £58


Once your eyes have been opened to the magic of a wall sconce, you’ll want them everywhere in your home. Wall sconces are perfect for adding symmetry around a hallway statement mirror, adding some luxe style to your chic bathroom or highlighting some amazing art. I’m going to go through each room of the house and show you how a wall sconce can transform a space. Here’s my fave inspiration:

Bathroom Wall Sconces

If you’re a little short on space in your bathroom, go for a pair of sconce lights. No one wants harsh over head lighting on an early work morning. Sconce lighting is ideal for soft light around a mirror and a matching pair adds the perfect statement, especially teamed with bold wallpaper.

Gold wall sconces have got to be a favourite of ours, they are ideal for adding a splash of glam in small doses. In the bathroom detail is everything and matching your sconces to your taps and sink will create a winning look:

Lonny Magazine

We love these squiggle gold wall lights, adding a gorgeous amount of gold on the dalmatian wallpaper. Which by the way is unbelievable isn’t it?

Z Hush – Jessica Wok’s Bathroom

I couldn’t of done a sconce blog without featuring this amazing pink bathroom. These wall lights are everything, with an oversized milk bulb (something I’ve been obsessing over for a long time) they add perfect glamour to the space.

A Beautiful Mess

Bedroom Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a genius space saver. If you have a particularly cosy bedroom or even a studio flat, a wall light can be hung above a bedside table. Better yet, above a head board if you have one of those bedrooms where you have to shimmy along the wall to get into bed. We’ve all been there.

This bedroom is so utterly pleasing in every single symmetrical way. The windows, the curtain rails, and of course those sconces. Hanging lighting either side of a piece of art, like this Ju Ju hat is a great idea to make a feature wall.

Dina Holland Interiors

I am obsessed with table lamps but for a less cluttered look, wall sconces are the one. These teeny gold wall lights add a perfect pop of glamour against the dark bedroom wall, don’t you think? Also I’ve just spotted a top tip in this bedroom – layering up 2 different rugs. A great cost saver as well as a style statement.

My Domaine | Jenna Peffley

Living Room Wall Sconces

A beautiful way to uplift areas of a room, sconces in the living room are ideal over shelving, art or sofas. I love this simple shelf display with the dark metal lighting above:

Doreen O’corrigan | Sara O Brien Photography

Light up a window seat for your chill times:

Sita Montgomery | Sara Boulter Photography

Hallway Wall Sconces

If you’ve invested in a banging piece of art, then you best make sure it stands out. Two matching sconces above a piece of art adds to the drama and looks great when the evening settles in.

Kristen Mayfield | Lori Paranjape
One Kings Lane

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