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Trend Watch: Eclectic Sicilian Ceramics

All, INSPIRATION & TRENDS 03 Oct 2018 Rachael OWT

Over the last year or two we’ve been coveting unusual ceramics, searching high and low to get some in the Oh What’s This shop. Recently, we’ve seen a micro trend emerging with Maiolica pottery, (Italian tin glazed) a trend confirmed by this living room where two oversized Sicilian vases sit next to the fireplace. They are weird, but aren’t they wonderful?

There’s just something very alluring about Sicilian ceramics. They can sit in the most contemporary of interiors without looking out of place:

Man Repeller 
Man Repeller
Tata Naka

If you’ve been to Sicily you may have seen a Moorish head in a balcony or restaurant, their baroque ceramics are an expression of their rich mythology. Ceramics have been produced in Sicily since the most ancient times from natural materials like clay, and they are still being made in exactly the same way today.

On our quest to find some curios we discovered AGATA TREASURES and treasures is no lie. They are new to the Oh What’s This shop, created by friends Agatella, who lives in Sicily and Roberta, based in London.  They source unique ceramics from Artisans across Sicily. We had a little chat with them to find out more about their creations and what inspires them.


Tell us about Agata Treasures

We wanted the world to appreciate the skills and craftsmanship of Sicilian artisans and so in May 2017 we decided to launch a website that would showcase the best pieces produced by them. In September 2017 we added the e-commerce and started selling online. Since then we are growing organically through our e-commerce and participation to fairs and events.

Through AGATA TREASURES’ collections, we showcase talented ceramists who have a spontaneous taste for beauty and passion for the things they inherited from their ancestors and invite others to discover a new unconventional “Sicilia” invisible to most of its travellers.

Tell us about the making process of your creations

We source our collections directly from the artists/artisans and choose only the best in terms of quality and style. All of our products are handmade in small studios scattered around Sicily, so each piece is unique. Some of the pieces are designed by me and my friend Agatella and then made by our artisans. Other pieces are created by the artisans themselves, taking inspirations from the rich history and myths of Sicily.




What is your best selling piece?

The Curly Hair Lady, an elegant vase depicting a lady with a hairstyle inspired by the Sicilian seas. She has sea shell earrings. It’s very decorative and the fact that it’s monochrome makes this object very modern and suitable for both a contemporary and a more traditional surrounding.

What is your interior style, do you have a favourite designer?

My favourite interior style is classic but with a modern edge. My favourite interior designer at the moment is Paolo Moschino.

Paolo Moschino’s Home| House & Garden | Photo: Simon Brown

Where do you find your inspiration?

We constantly look back to the traditions of Sicily and reinterpret them with a more contemporary eye. Often we discover that the simplicity of past design is very modern.

What’s next for Agata Treasures?

We’re participating in the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia, London from 29th October to 4th November where we’re launching our new collection of Sicilian jewellery and we’re planning to open a pop up shop soon after that.

You can shop the Agata Treasures collection here on Oh What’s This