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The Family Artistry Behind These Wooden Beaded Chandeliers


For a long time I’ve been head over heels for beaded chandeliers. I searched high and low for them for the Oh What’s This shop, but no where near as far as Daniela of Venice Beach House! When I discovered her collection on Etsy I was so excited, all the beaded chandeliers I’d come across before were either only sold in the US, or were for extortionate prices. Whereas, these beautiful creations were handmade in Bali, but available in Fulham. Daniela’s are worth every penny and more. Detailed craftsmanship goes into every single bead, each one recycled from old fishing boats in bali.

Wooden beaded chandeliers are an ultimate statement for any home. The great thing is they are versatile, adding beachy style or glamorous edge depending on the colour you choose. If you saw my bedroom shoot in Home Style you’ll see we styled it with the VBH white beaded chandelier. They are bigger than you think, and luxuriously heavy with each light wooden bead collectively making an impact. The artistry of these chandeliers is really quite amazing, each bead is intricately attached to another by a string.

Olly Gordon Photography

We wanted to delve in further to this handmade craft, to find out more about it’s origins and how Daniela discovered the makers.

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– Discovery –

Daniela stumbled across the chandeliers completely by chance whilst on holiday in Bali, 2 years ago. “I had kept an eye out for them the whole trip but just didn’t come across any. After visiting a very uninspiring market full of rows and rows of tacky tourist knick knacks. My boyfriend and I were scootering back to the hotel and low and behold I spotted a handful of beaded chandeliers hanging very discreetly outside a nondescript workshop. I couldn’t contain my excitement and nearly made my boyfriend crash to pull over on the busy main road!” And we’re so glad she did.

– The Makers –

Meet the makers

” Empowered female artisans “

Daniela + team with the makers

“This was how I met Wayan and her husband and was introduced to her team of empowered female artisans, which consists of family members and neighbours. She showed me the few beaded chandeliers she had and in very broken English we began discussing new styles and colourways. The chandeliers weren’t quite the right size or fullness so I worked closely with Wayan to come up with the perfect design and dimensions that would suit almost any space. I then commissioned her to make the chandeliers in a range of colours and the rest is history!”

The workshop

“They are a family of true artisans. The men in the family hand make furniture and our incredibly skilled carpenters. Wayan’s husband showed us his beautifully intricate chests of drawers and tables he had hand carved from bamboo and rattan. The women also hand weave our rattan baskets and bags which take a minimum of one week to make just one!”

– Traditional Craft –

“The traditional craft has been passed on from generation to generation with Wayan learning from her mother and her from her mother and so on. The chandeliers are made using traditional Balinese methods with each piece taking anything from 3-5 days to complete.”

– Sustainable Craft –

“The reclaimed wood is sourced from local fishermen and upcycled from old fishing boats. Indonesia comprises of something like 15,000 islands so it’s no surprise that there are copious amounts of damaged boats no longer fit for sailing. Wayan’s family found this to be the most sustainable way of making the chandeliers as well as supporting their local fishermen with an additional income.”

Wayan and her family craft a lot more than chandeliers, including woven baskets which can take weeks to make

– The Technique –

“The wood is carved using traditional techniques to create different sized beads. The women colour the beads by dipping into buckets of chalk paint which not only gives the beads a matte finish but is also eco-friendly and non-toxic due to the natural pigments used. The beads are then left out to be naturally sun dried. Each bead is hand threaded and wrapped onto an iron frame which is hand painted in either a distressed black or white finish.”

– How To Style Beaded Chandeliers –

We ask Daniela for some top tops on how to style these beaded wonders at home.

“A statement chandelier is the perfect way to transform a room. The great thing about the beaded lights is how versatile they are, they suit almost any room. I love the white bead in an all-white setting. It creates the ultimate Scandi vibe but adds a wow factor to the room. They’re great fun in kid’s bedrooms too. We recently hung our grey bead in a client’s son’s room and it adds such character alongside all his Lego and robot figurines. Likewise the pink bead would be any little girl’s dream chandelier. A customer bought the black bead for her living room and painted the walls ‘Railings’ from Farrow & Ball – which is almost black. She wanted to go all dark with the chandelier and furniture and the result is stunning”