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The Best Nursery Inspiration For A Stylish Gender-Neutral Bedroom


Nurseries are growing up, and in a good way. Gone are the days when pink was for girls and blue for boys, baby rooms are not what they used to be. Why? Because there’s no reason why style should stop at the nursery. Why wouldn’t you want your baby to wake up every day to a stylish world?

If you’re keeping the sex of your newborn a surprise then even more reason to choose a gender neutral nursery decor scheme. But when it comes to decorating your nursery it can be an overwhelming challenge. You’ll want it to not only be practical but also comforting and stylish all in one. After all, your baby is going to be spending a lot of time growing up in this space, so you’ll want the nursery to inspire and reflect their personalities at the same time.

Now is the time to wave goodbye to clashing colours and toys.

I’ve pulled together the best nursery inspiration to not only inspire you, but also your little ones as they grow up. So if you’re stuck for a theme or can’t choose your colour scheme, have a mosey through our ultra stylish nursery ideas.

Nursery Paint Ideas

The best place to start is to choose your colour scheme. I’ve put together some neutral colour ideas, ideal for a gender neutral nursery or a multi purpose room you suddenly need to re invent into a guest room.

Grey and White Nursery Paint Ideas

Grey and White Nursery Paint Ideas
Main Image: Sissy Marley | Moodboard: Oh What’s This

A soft grey nursery is the perfect gender-neutral colour idea. To add warmth make sure to add playful toys BUT in complementing soft colours, or wooden accessories as a natural contrast to the light colours. Keep bold colours out, this is a calming serene space.

Neutral Cream & Brown Nursery Paint Ideas

Nursery Paint Ideas
Main Image: Atlanta Home Mag | Moodboard: Oh What’s This

If you want to go one step further than grey but still keep within the realms of a neutral space, I love this colour combo: cream and wheat. Choosing a natural colour palette like this is a warm choice, and an easy one to achieve. A themed nursery doesn’t have to be a garish play centre. One of our favourite nursery themes is a gentle animal theme like this one. This can be interpreted in so many ways, but we love this safari theme. Use African inspired colours and warm accents like brass for a cozy nursery, perfect for a baby boy or girl.

White Nursery Paint Ideas

White Nursery Inspiration
Main Image: Domino. Photography Rc Studio Moodboard: Oh What’s This

A white nursery might seem a bit boring but one look at the picture above and you’ll see how versatile and cozy it can be. There is endless room for tweaking and altering as your little darling grows up. Choose an accent colour to complement the white, like soft blue in this nursery above. Choosing mainly white accessories helps create a cloud like space, ideal for encouraging sleep. Avoid it feeling too minimal or stark by adding plenty of soft textures through rugs, throws and toys, giving all the cosiness and comfort your baby needs.

Timeless Nursery Inspiration

The new nursery trend is nurseries that don’t look like nurseries.

If you have a strong interior style then stick to it. We like this grown up approach to nursery decorating, it means your nursery can instantly become a different room, like a guest room and better yet, it becomes a timeless space as your little one grows up.  Let’s face it, you’re going to be spending as much time in this room as your baby, so why not make it your space as much as theirs?

Some of these chic nursery ideas below don’t even look like nurseries. This is a sophisticated and subtle approach to nursery décor. Accessorize with items you love, like bohemian rugs and statement mirrors, or bring nature indoors with houseplants. We love this understated nursery inspiration, let’s take a look at some of our favourite grown up nursery spaces:

Timeless Nursery Inspiration
Left: Domino | Photography: Paige Jones / Right: Domino | Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Nursery inspiration
Project Nursery. Photography: Allison Kuhn
Nursery paint ideas
Project Nursery. Photography: Allison Kuhn
chic nursery
Domino: Photography: Rennai Hoefer

Dark colours are soothing and completely work in nurseries, as proven by this ultra chic nursery above.

Wallpaper Nursery Inspiration

This barely-there nursery trend can also be interpreted with wallpaper. Choosing on-trend wallpaper in a nursery totally works, especially if you match it with neutral accessories. So instead of choosing children’s wallpaper, go for something more trend led, like these botanical wallpapers in these stylish nurseries. They are perfect examples of this sophisticated style, and would work particularly well if your little ones are sharing.

If you’re after something less bold and colourful, choose neutral geometric prints, or soft patterned wallpaper.

Nursery Wallpaper Inspiration
Left: Project Nursery Emerson Grey Designs Right: Studio Mcgee

Artwork Nursery Inspiration

Bringing artwork into a nursery is a great way of adding a theme you’ve chosen, but in a subtle way.

Using big monochrome art is a great way of not being to theme – y but still adding an element of playfulness. This kind of art works great, whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Hang an oversized picture on the wall, or create a gallery wall of different artwork in line with your theme.

Monochrome Nursery
Studio Mcgee

The clever thing about creating a gender-neutral nursery is that once your baby is born into the world, you can add little elements to the nursery to suit your little one. This nursery below is so chic it could be an adult bedroom; we love its soft elements and metallic accents, but strip away these accessories and you’ve got a beautiful blank canvas left to work with.

Gender neutral nursery

Nursery Paint Ideas: Furniture

Another way to bring style into the nursery is through furniture, and we all know what the centrepiece of the nursery is. What better way to do this than choosing a really unique crib? To let you in on a quick and easy tip, update an old or wooden cot to be more colourful by painting or spraying your own. The great thing about this is that you can choose any colour you like and one to perfectly match the rest of the nursery.

nursery décor
The Animal Prints Shop

Don’t overlook the importance of an armchair in the nursery. Choosing a statement chair is also a quick and easy way to add practical style to your nursery space, not to mention somewhere to collapse at the end of a long day. This is the perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous nursery space.

The Animal Print Shop


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