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Table Linen Is Making A Comeback This Summer

All, INSPIRATION & TRENDS 08 May 2018 Rachael OWT

With Summer approaching and after a blissfully sunny bank holiday weekend, we’re dreaming about beautiful table settings and al fresco scenes. Weirdly, table cloths and napkins have sort of fallen behind in the list of exciting purchases for most, maybe it’s down to our disposable nature sadly replacing a time old tradition. Every time I visit my granny she’ll lay out the table linen, with matching cotton napkins, place mats and a table cloth. There’s something about this care and detail that makes every meal more special, and it shouldn’t just be for the oldies. So with that, we’re making table linen a priority purchase this summer. But won’t worry, this collection is far from boring. We’re OH so excited to introduce Ardmore design to you.


Ardmore Design

The luxury African lifestyle brand brings us a collection of divine animal printed table linen and cushions all inspired by the wildlife and vivacity of Africa. They transform Africa into works of art through furniture, furnishings and accessories. But behind their luxury design is a charitable message. Every single creation plays a role in sustaining the creative lives of the continent’s artistic community. We’ve hand picked some of our favourite designs for the Oh What’s This shop to feed all of our appetites for wild prints. These wild prints are so perfect for summer nights, (as well as winter). You can mix and match each pattern, or style them easily with what you may already have. Decorate your home with their bold, luscious prints and shop the collection here.


Ardmore design

This kind of artistry deserves a thorough introduction, so I’m going to take you through the collections we chose from, with the beautiful story behind what some of the animals symbolise. Starting with our favourite of course, The Leopard. It’s no secret we’re leopard lovers here at Oh What’s This, our leopard print cushions are a firm favourite with many of our customers. We take a look at some of our favourite ways of introducing leopard print into the home on an earlier blog post here.

The Zambezi Collection

The great Zambezi River brings life to a diverse set of plants and wildlife and has given the Ardmore artists a bounty of inspiration for their creations, which led to the birth of this collection. The Zambezi Collection invites us to return to the grandeur of nature.

Ardmore Design

What does a leopard symbolise?

A leopard symbolises kings, royalty, sex appeal and mystery. As a dangerous threat, they also signify power and in tribes around the world, leaders wear leopard coats as a sign of their importance. In interiors leopard print has the same effect. It gives opulent glamour to a space as well as an eclectic edge.

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Leopard Napkins in Frost

My eyes popped out of my head a little when I saw these napkins. Here they are mixed and matched with Ardmore’s other linen creations.


Leopard Napkins in Frost

Shop the Leopard Napkins, currently on sale, £39.60 Shop here

These napkins look fabulous layered up with the Zambezi Feather Napkin shown here below:


Feather Frost Napkin


Style these napkins on top of this show stopping Monkey Paradise table cloth. This table cloth is a like a work of art, look closer and you can see the intricate detail, down to every leopard spot.


Monkey Paradise Tablecloth in Sandstone

Monkey Paradise Tablecloth in SandstoneMonkey Paradise Tablecloth in Sandstone

The Monkey Paradise Table Cloth £240.30 Shop here

Let’s bring some Zebra’s into play. The Sable Table Runner is just as beautiful, and works if you want to keep some of your table on show.

Sable Table Runner in Rose


Sable Table Runner in Rose

Sable Table Runner in Rose


Sable Table Runner £121.50 Shop here

The exquisite Zambezi Bush napkins match this runner perfectly, and this time the Zebra is the main event:


Bush Bandits Napkins in FrostBush Bandits Napkins in Frost

The Zambezi Bush Napkin £39.60 shop here

Zebra’s symbolise freedom, individuality and uniqueness. I think their monochrome stripe lends itself perfectly to any interior scheme.


The Qalakabusha Collection

‘Qalakubusha’, the Zulu word for ‘new beginnings’, is the name given to Ardmore Design’s first collection. The range celebrates the iconic imagery, bold colour and wit of Ardmore’s world famous ceramics. Playful monkeys, jungle-like plants and flowers, cunning crocodiles, regal leopards and singing birds all feature in a variety of colour ways, making the collection a must-have for anyone who loves Africa, colour and bold design.

Ardmore Design

These Croco napkins will make a bold addition to any tablescape.


Croco Napkins Charcoal

The croco napkin £39.60 shop here

Their monochrome colour makes them a versatile addition, matching with many different colours and table schemes:


Available in red too, to layer up or style with others:

Croco Napkins Pink

The croco napkin in red, £39.60 shop here

For a more neutral style the Bird Fynbos tablecloth shows an assortment of birds inspired by the western cape of South Africa.

Bird Fynbos Tablecloth Charcoal

Bird Fynbos Table cloth £217.80 shop here

It looks fabulous styled with the matching place mats:

Bird Fynbos place mats £54.90 shop here

We can’t stray from leopards for too long. For a splash of colour these Royal Leopard Placemats in a blue mist will brighten up any table setting. And monkeys riding zebra’s, why not?

£61.00 GBP Royal Leopard Placemats MistRoyal Leopard Place Mats £54.90

 See the entire Ardmore collection  here 

If you want to see more of these wild creatures adorning your sofa instead, don’t forget to browse the Ardmore cushions in the shop now.