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Inside Girlboss Sophia Amoruso’s LA Mid Century home

HOME TOURS 30 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

Inside Girlboss Sophia Amoruso’s LA Mid Century home

Hands up who watched Girlboss on Netflix? ??  . If you read Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography a couple of years ago you’ll be as obsessed with her as I am. Then came Nasty Galaxy which is like dreams coming alive in your hands. We idolise her, and her screen dad even looks like mine…

Nasty Gal is a lesson in how to create a brand. In my eyes no other case study is needed. When I first discovered Nasty Gal I didn’t know the story behind it, I just instantly spent £100 on clothes that I’d dreamt of, and then probably about another $90 on custom fees to get them to the UK. They arrived in a beautiful tissue papered pink box with a metallic tote bag. This was a brand I could get on board with. I kept purchasing until I realised this really wasn’t the best financial move for me. But from learning more about Nasty Gal’s origins you can see how the detail Sophia established at the very beginning trickled through and remained when Nasty Gal became huge. Now it’s been acquired by Boohoo and here’s to hoping they bring it to the UK so my bank balance is no longer damaged by god damn customs.

Thank goodness Sophia came along and reminded us that the rebellious and flawed can be a success and even more importantly, so can a woman.

Let’s take a tour inside Girlboss Sophia Amoruso’s LA Mid Century home:


Home designed with Pamela Shamshiri

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