• Sarah

    Room For Tuesday


    I like to mix and curate a variety of styles within a room to add interest, depth, and a layered look.

  • Daniela Tasca York

    Interior Designer

    I believe a great interior scheme should enrich your senses, enhance your space & reflect your personality. But have fun with it too, life’s too short for boring.

  • Nick

    Interior Stylist

    Surround your home with items you love. Be brave when decorating, it’s the styling you inject into the room at the end that is vital to creating the perfect overall scheme.

  • Elizabeth

    Interior Designer

    The objects you surround yourself with can have a beautiful effect on your health.

  • Laura

    Interior Designer

    My ideal interior space is eclectic, comfortable, layered with pattern, gorgeous colour & beautiful lighting.


  • Claire

    My House Candy

    Invest in classic interior staples and mix in a little of what you fancy. Never save anything for best, life is the special occasion!

  • Jess

    Gold Is A Neutral

    Your home is your happy place so be bold with colour, layer your textures and always have fabulous lighting.

  • Jenny Kakoudakis

    Seasons In Colour

    It’s your house, your rules. Design your space around your everyday needs but add a touch of luxury too”.

  • Malcolm

    Design Sixty Nine

    Your home should be a reflection of you, so choose only items that you love and that make you happy. Mix up textures and materials for interest and indulge yourself with the colours that you love.