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A Monochrome Victorian House Tour In San Francisco

HOME TOURS 10 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

Owned, designed and styled by Celia Tejada, this Victorian house tour in San Francisco will not disappoint. Especially if you’re a lover of dark walls, floor boards, and dashes of bohemian eccentricity.

Let’s take a look inside…

Well, outside first because look at that doorway and peace sign window light.


Juju hats are our favourite wall accessories at the moment. How gorgeous does this  bright pink juju hat look on the dark walls? Most definitely the perfect entryway statement.

The kitchen has rustic charm:

The living room is dark and interesting, packed full with books and art:

A victorian house tour wouldn’t be any good without a dramatic dining room would it? The dining room is dark and full of accessories that enhance the victorian vibe, like ornate glass chandeliers, a collection of brass candlesticks, statement art and of course, dark walls. Time to pull up a chair…

We love a shelfie, and this one doesn’t disappoint. A great tip for making your decor accents stand out is to paint the back wall black, everything pops on these intriguing shelves:


Moving on to the upstairs where things get a little lighter with white walls and splashes of bohemian colour.

This loft window has been beautifully styled with a simple bohemian theme, perfect for snuggling up with a good book.

The home office is so beautiful don’t you think? Firstly, the brass desk and brass Moroccan pen pots and the glam touch we love.

The bedroom features this OH so stylish corner, with a brushed metallic bedside table and a luxe white headboard. All perfectly standing out against the black wall colour.

How endlessly amazing is this chandelier? Reflecting wonderfully in a huge statement mirror, as if the effect of the light isn’t enough on its own!

Even the garden has inspiring features:

So, I don’t know about you but we feel totally inspired. Time to pick up a black paintbrush, start collecting trinkets and invest in that jaw dropping chandelier, it’s about time.

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