‘String of Pearls’ Senecio Roleyanus


Trailing succulent with round pea shaped leaves growing down long thin stems.
Also known as – String of Peas/String of Beads
Well known for – It’s air purifying qualities

  • Plant length - 45cm-50cm (includes pot)
  • Pot size - 14cm
  • Enjoys a sunny position
  • Water me approximately once a week into the soil and spray the String of Pearls every 3-4 days
  • (Please note that these measurements are approximate, each plant will naturally vary in size)

When we were walking miles as a postman, or sat at our desks in the office, we knew that this wasn’t us forever. So we escaped, and the adventure began….

Peter has worked at Columbia Road Flower Market since he was just 8 years old, alongside his mum and dad who recruited him when they had no babysitter. It was there, surrounded by all the colours and fragrance and bustle of London’s most famous flower market, that his love for plants took root.

Vicky worked tirelessly in a bank for 13 years with a lot of success but little job satisfaction. She met Peter 11 years ago and in finding her love, another affection for all things green and leafy also developed.

Peter was working as a postman at this time but wanted to be doing what he knew and loved. After a long and patient wait for a stall at Columbia Road Peter finally got a pitch and wanting to keep it in the family, he recruited Vicky’s brother Louis to help. Louis’ love in plants and greenery has also blossomed at Columbia Road!

As the nation’s desire for an urban jungle has developed, so has our passion and knowledge and we are now ready to bring our store online with London House Plants.

As you’ll see from the site, we have a passion for plants and we ain’t afraid to show it!

Peter, Vicky and Louis
London House Plants

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