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Make your home look stylish: OWT’s favourite cool cushions of 2018

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 12 Jan 2019 Rachael OWT

We’re nearly at the end of our mammoth cushion blog series, and unsurprisingly we’re not fed up of cushions yet. In fact, to round things off we’re going to be listing our favourite trends of 2018, like the Oscars but for cushions.

Drum roll please…

Our favourite cushions of 2018:


Leopard Print Cushions



One of our favourite cushion trends to emerge this year was the animal print, in particular leopard. In fear of sounding like a broken record, as we have been championing this for a while, we’ll keep it short. Animal print is going nowhere soon, and is something you can incorporate easily into different interior schemes.

Bohemian Cushions


My Domaine

Another timeless cushion choice, bohemian cushions are perfect for layering in different rooms, and better yet they are timeless.

Reece Cushion £29 Shop here

Geometric Print Cushions


Homes To Love

Dalmatian Print Cushions


Modern Chairs EU

Dalmatian print exploded this year, patterning all sorts of homewares. We love a dotted cushion, for adding a cheeky flair to velvet.

Dalmatian Print Cushion £27 Shop here

Pink Velvet Cushions


Pink Velvet Round Cushion £60 Shop here

Need we say more?

Green Cushion Covers



If you want to add an instant feel of sophisticated luxury, green cushion covers are perfect, take a look here where we talk about how to style them in your home.

Tropical Cushions



If you’ve seen our post Using Cushion Covers To Transform Your Home  you’ll have seen we’ve already included tropical cushions as a quick way to add cool impact to your home.

Tartan Cushion Covers


Studio Mcgee

Mudcloth Cushions


My Domaine
Live Love Smile, Mudcloth Triangle Cushion, £42 Shop here

So there we have it, a round up of our favourite cushions from this year. What will 2019 bring?