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We’re craving some jungle in our lives. From luscious greens to exotic print, adding wonderful print to your home is the quickest way to elevate an old sofa, or bring a dining table to life. When we discovered Ardmore we truly felt like we’d stumbled across something so special. Their rich prints transport you to Africa, with intricate detail and symbolism coming to life every time you look. Investing in pieces that hold a story is one of our favourite ways to shop for homewares, that’s why this Spring we’re running 15% off our Ardmore collection, so you can add some wild charm with a little cheeky discount.



Ardmore’s artistry deserves to be given some more attention, so here we take a closer look at who they are and one of our favourite collections of theirs. And if you missed our stunning tablescape photo shoot last year, then take a look for some inspiration on how to style your outdoor dining table this Summer using their linens.

The wonder of Ardmore


Ardmore design

Ardmore was founded in 1985 at the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains, by ceramic artist Fée Halsted, and it quickly became the largest ceramic studio in South Africa, gaining praise all over the world. The gallery of work is now made up of the creative input of around 80 artists. “Each piece is a distinctive expression of their imagination, as well as, based on wildlife, folklore, and Zulu culture.” In 2013, Ardmore translated the whimsical ceramics into luxe furnishings, interior design offerings, contemporary fabrics and dining accents. They’ve collaborated with top brands including Hérmes and Cole & Son, and their work has been showcased in prestigious galleries and collections around the world. It’s no wonder how Ardmore pieces given as state gifts; with one being gifted to Queen Elizabeth II and Empress Michiko of Japan.


Image: Courtesy of Ardmore Ceramics & Design

The Zambezi Collection

Introducing their Zambezi collection…



Inspired by the Zambezi River, Ardmore’s ‘Zambezi’ collection comes to life with the wildlife found in these luscious parts. The fourth longest river in Africa, the Zambezi River flows into the Indian Ocean, after bordering Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The Ardmore artists have created five motifs which portray tales and elements of life around the Zambezi. One of our favourites is the Leopard design, where a leopard sits regally amongst passion flowers and lucky beans, which are associated with magic in Zulu culture.


The Zambezi River | Pinterest

If you’re sat there wondering what your spirit animal is, (a regular thought of ours) we look to our animal friends here. Find out whether you’re more monkey or zebra.

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Ardmore – Leopard Napkins in Frost Shop here
Ardmore – Bush Bandit napkins in frost. Shop here

Mix and Matching the Ardmore collection

The Sable table runner is pictured here with the Leopard napkins and the Zambezi Feather napkins:


sable table runner ardmore oh whats this


Leopard Napkins in Frost
Ardmore – Leopard Napkins in Frost Shop here

Ardmore’s cushions are made from luxurious velvet or cotton, bringing a work of art to wherever you choose:

From left. Monkey Bean Ash Cushion shop here, Lovebirds Leopard Cushion shop here, Monkey Bean Night Cushion shop here
Monkey Bean Night Cushion Cover
Monkey Bean Night Cushion Cover – Shop here


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