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How To Transform A Room Without Spending Any Money


This isn’t one of those posts where you’ll walk away feeling disheartened because you, a) don’t have the space or, b) don’t have the budget. We’re going to show you how to transform a room without spending money in 5 easy steps using these foolproof expert tips.

So maybe you have a really awkwardly shaped room and the feng – shui is way off? Or maybe you’re feeling restless one weekend and feel like a room change. We all love a bit of changing rooms and by the end of this blog post you’ll be expertly styling your room in no time.

Let’s delve in to those interior secrets so you can learn how to transform a room without spending money.

1. Pull furniture away from the wall

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Kate Lavie

For some reason furniture unfortunately ends up pushed against the wall as if it’s some kind of magnet. But guess what? Pull it away from the wall and a whole new world will open up. This is such a good go to interior tip and one that will definitely transform any room you’re playing around with. It’s one of our fave tricks and works perfectly in all spaces, especially if you have an awkwardly shaped living room or a small space. Just pulling a sofa a few inches away from the wall like this living room above will do wonders for the flow and it will also add more scope for styling around it. If you’re styling a home office, think about pulling your desk away from the wall and even placing it in the middle of the room like this office below:

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Thistle Wood Farms

2. Place furniture ON your rug not around it

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Style at Home

It’s a common faux pas to place furniture around a small rug that isn’t really doing anything. Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to make, but it’s just as easy to rectify. Instead, treat your rug like a carpet and style everything on top of it. Granted, you’re going to need a large rug, but this is a huge tip that all interior designers will tell you. Choose the biggest rug you can find and place everything (that fits) on top of it. Whether this is a sofa, a sideboard or both this will completely change the way you style a room and will transform your space. If you can choose a rug big enough to fit your sofa, coffee table and/or side tables on top then you’re on the way to a winning formula. This doesn’t just work in living rooms but in bedrooms too. This gorgeous bedroom follows this tip by placing the rug under the bed and ottoman. You’ll never look back…

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Ave Styles

3. Place Your Curtain Rail At The Highest Point

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Remodelista | Photography by Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac.

Wish you had bigger windows? Well without actually installing bigger ones you can create bigger windows yourself and transform a room without spending money. Hopefully you’ll have a eureka moment when reading this tip, this is a fool proof way of transforming a room without any major work at all. Hanging curtains directly above where your window starts is a really common mistake. If you look at this gorgeous dining room above you’ll know what we’re going to say. Go to the highest point possible and hang your curtains from there.  This will give the false illusion that the window is a lot bigger, expanding the room and making your ceilings feel a lot higher. Otherwise the space above is completely wasted and doing nothing to benefit your space whatsoever. Yes it might mean more expensive curtains, but isn’t it worth it for this magical transformation? Now you’ve seen this you’ll start seeing it everywhere….

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Style Me Grasie | Hotel Covell

4. Ambient Lighting

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Jonathan Adler

Lighting can make or break a room. Even the most mediocre of spaces can be lifted by the right soft lighting. Install dimmers, or buy some soft table lamps so you haven’t always got a bright ceiling light. Just by moving lighting around the room can make a dramatic difference so try this before spending any money. This Jonathan Adler room is light and bright in the day but imagine how spectacular it looks in the evening with those wall sconces and spot lights above the artwork. Think carefully about where you want to add light and remember that symmetry is your best friend when it comes to styling lights at home.

5. Hang art and mirrors BEHIND accessories instead of ABOVE.

oh-whats-this-how-to-transform-a-room-in -5-steps
Akin Studio

So this top tip applies to a sideboard or table where you have art hanging above. Don’t be afraid to block your art with accessories, it helps to add depth. Experts will always say to place art on the wall where the middle of the art is at eye level, so remember this when you’re hanging singular art. When it comes to a gallery wall that’s a whole different story of course.

There you have it some expert tips to get stuck into at home. We challenge you to transform a room without spending money. Of course it’s more fun to buy some extra accessories isn’t it?