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INSPIRATION & TRENDS 01 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

Bathrooms are becoming more of a destination, have you noticed? Homely furniture and rugs are making their way into our loos and we are loving it. But the top tip for rentals or home owners is that bathroom plants are a must.  If for whatever reason you’re having to put up with a temporary bathroom and just hate it, trust me botanicals in the bathroom will go a long way to making you feel happy.

Whether you’re looking for the final touch to your amazing bathroom or you’re fed up of the interiors, let’s look at some inspiring bathroom plants for any sized bathroom.


Bring Bali to your bathroom with an oversized shower plant, because not all of us can shower outdoors like those in warmer climes. If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous walk in shower like this one, bring the outdoors in and add a bathroom plant in the corner. Bathroom plants will help break up the tile colour with a splash of green.



You might not have a corner to fill, let alone enough enough floor space to get in and out of the shower but, bathroom plants can squeeze in anywhere. Filling an empty corner with a house plant will make your bathroom feel more expansive. A top tip is to hang a plant from the ceiling or wall if you don’t have the floor space like this monochrome bathroom:


3. Sink bathroom Plants

Ok, so these are actually flowers in a vase – way more high maintenance. But, don’t they add something fresh to this bathroom? Brighten up your sink with some fresh botanicals.


And who said you have to go large? This diddy sink shows how to style it with an equally diddy plant. The ideal finishing touch.


4. The Hanging Plant

This classic bathroom uses a woven hanging basket to add some luxe botanicals to the space. The plant helps to add depth and a feeling of nature, don’t you think?


5. The Cactus

If there’s anywhere a cactus looks super good, it’s in the bathroom. Obviously a risky choice, don’t keep it too close to the shower ;). This mini cactus adds the perfect (and prick free) vibe to this bohemian bathroom.


6. The Jungle Plant

Ok, granted this bathroom does open out on to the great outdoors which always helps. But imagine this space without the plant, so not as good. The bigger the bathroom plants the better result, we say.


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