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How To Make Art Work In The Kitchen


How To Make Art Work In The Kitchen

The kitchen can often get overlooked for those homely finishing touches, like a rug or a statement piece of art. But considering it is the hub of the home, the kitchen is the perfect place to showcase some unique art and decor. With some many of us now having open plan living, art can also help divide the room up into living and eating. Bare walls, or awkward spaces? Time to heart the art…

1. A Gallery Wall

Although a “Gallery wall” has become a bit of an over used trend, it is still simply a really impactful way of displaying art. This kitchen gallery mixes mediums and styles as well as mixing dark with light styles. Use different style frames, mix and matching brass with wood for a striking wall.

how to make art work in the kitchen
Park & Oak
2. Focal Point

This piece of art is small but it adds a bit of edge to an otherwise neutral (but utterly glamorous) kitchen. The art cleverly draws the eye to the back wall made of marble and the gold frame brings together the brass kitchen features. This proves you don’t necessarily need a wall to hang art on, so if you’re stuck for space try something different like this.

how to make art work in the kitchen
The Banks Development Company
3. The Illusionist

Art can make a room feel more expansive, especially if you go for something a bit oversized. This art is cleverly positioned at the end of a small island, giving the impression the space is a lot longer than it really is.


how to make art work in the kitchen
BHDM Design
4. Shelf Art

Open shelves in the kitchen are ideal for styling with your best wares, and art provides the perfect backdrop. These classic pieces of art create a contrast against the white walls.

how to make art work in the kitchen
House Beautiful |Victoria Pearson
5. Miniature Charm

This art fits neatly over the extractor fan unit, giving a cute focal point and also bringing all the blues together in the kitchen. Art doesn’t have to be big to be impactful, position right and it can be just as effective.

The White Buffalo Styling Company
 6. Zoning

Art can help define the space and if you wanted to divide the flow up between the kitchen and living space, art is the perfect way to do this.

how to make art work in the kitchen
Athena Calderone