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How To Design Your Bedroom For A Dreamy Night’s Sleep


Early bedtimes are literally the best thing ever. And by early I don’t mean 3AM. I’m talking pre 10 pm when you can sink smugly into your cloud of a bed laughing gleefully as you count the amount of blissful hours you’re about to get. Considering we spend one third of our life sleeping, creating the perfect sleep haven is well worth the investment. But it’s not always that easy to get good shut eye. Besides screentime (guilty) there are lot’s of interior factors like layout, mess, and ambience that can stop you getting a good night’s sleep. By making just a few small changes to your bedroom design, you can improve your slumber. It’s Feng Shui darling.

Here’s how to design your bedroom for the best night’s sleep.


Intimate Living Interiors

Having a bed you can jump into from both sides is a definite must. Bedside tables either side also help to give balance which helps the Feng Shui. Try not to position your bed in line with your bedroom door, this can subconsciously keep you on edge. Obviously a good mattress is crucial, but did you know a higher head board also helps? It improves stability and comfort. Scrimping on bedding is a no no, for a perfect snooze high quality sheets are a no brainer. Feng Shui rules tell us that natural fibres create the most peaceful and comforting nights sleep. Our new collection of Piglet In Bed bedding is made from 100% natural stonewashed French flax, which is warm and cosy in the winter, and fresh in the warmer months. Their super soft PJ’s will also do wonders for you too.

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This handy diagram shows an ideal bedroom layout as well as including top tips on what to put on your walls. Positioning your bed in the middle of the room is key, as well as avoiding lots of different sized furniture with pointy edges.


When it comes to a Feng Shui bedroom, the purer the air the better. Open windows, light candles or buy an air purifier. Stale air is the worst environment to sleep in so make sure you’re breathing in scented or fresh air.

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– ART –

Whatever art you choose in your bedroom will rub off on your mood. Be careful when choosing sad or lonely images. Stick to happy images which evoke love, healing and intimacy. Alternatively, choose motivational art that you can wake up to everyday and feel inspired. Here’s a couple of suggestions from the Oh What’s This shop:

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Just when you thought you might have it sussed, here comes a curve ball. Feng Shui vibes tell us that there should be no mirrors in the bedroom. Panic! The reason being that the reflective surface activates the yang instead of the yin in you. Yang is movement and Yin is relaxation. If you absolutely need a mirror, don’t have it face the bed directly.


The amount of light in your bedroom will effect your sleep, which you’ll know already. To sleep we need darkness. Avoid having any bright alarm clocks or screens that can interfere with your natural rhythm. Invest in good shutters, blinds or curtains that either black out completely or at least help darken the room at night. With artificial lighting make sure you have dimmers or some kind of control over the level of the light.


Daily Dream Decor


Whatever colour makes you feel calm and relaxed then go for it. Stay away from energetic bright colours as this will do nothing but make you count sheep. A soft and serene colour palette is best, but not in a boring way, like this amazing pink bedroom.

SF Girl By Bay


No one wants echoey acoustics when trying to get their beauty sleep. Carpets or rugs should be used to absorb any noise and not to mention give a soft texture under your toes.

how to design a bedroom for a good nights sleep
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