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How To Decorate With Autumn’s Hot Colour: Burnt Yellow


Every Autumn, hues like ochre and orange appear as we start to think about hunkering down into Halloween and bonfire night. The names of these colours are re-invented year on year with burnt yellow as this A/W’s hot colour – it’s basically a posher way of saying mustard, although it’s a warmer darker and golden shade. Sepia is also another word bouncing around to describe the shade. Like all trends, they come and go, and with interiors, unless you chop and change regularly, you’ll want something timeless. So we’ve rounded up a few ways to add this colour to your current interiors, or create a bold new look if this is what you’re after.

The best way to capture this colour is to think of a light earthy terracotta, which goes excellently with the Summer’s rattan, woven and raffia trends, making it an even easier addition.

This home encapsulates this perfectly through burnt yellow art, cushions and plenty of wicker and rattan.


Burnt Yellow Walls

Before you run in the opposite direction, this colour does look amazing on walls. If you prefer a lighter, brighter aesthetic, this little corner below proves you can add dark warmth to any aesthetic, even a beachy one:


This might feel a little permanent, but it certainly can be a timeless colour.

Burnt Yellow Furniture

There is quite a 70’s feel to burnt yellow, especially in a velvet style like this retro bohemian space. Burnt yellow is a versatile colour, adding warmth to a white space, or a pop of colour to a dark space. Bring the colour into your home through furniture:



Burnt Yellow & Pink

If like us, you’re a dusky pink lover then you’re in luck. Pink goes perfectly with burnt yellow so if you’ve invested in a lot of pink this Summer, rest assured it will look great:


My Attic

On Black Walls

Of course, we’re suckers for dark walls too. Add a pop of colour with a burnt yellow statement sofa, or, some cushions.

House & Gardens

Subtle Accessorising

Update your sofa with some burnt yellow cushions  which work perfectly on crisp white, layered up with other textures and warm oaty colours.

Kara Rosenlund

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