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How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Any Room

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 12 Feb 2018 Rachael OWT
How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Any Room

Not to add any pressure or anything, (to an already tricky decision) but any interior designer will tell you that a rug is top of the list when designing a room. If you’re looking for ways to style up a room without spending any money don’t forget to put your rug UNDER your furniture. To do this you need to find the biggest rug you can which is a daunting prospect when it comes to choosing the right one.

So here’s my quick guide to choosing the perfect rug for any room which includes this handy illustration from  Apartment Therapy.


Going back to the top tip of placing rugs under furniture, if a gigantic rug doesn’t quite fit your budget then remember these two things.

1.) Make sure at least the front legs of all furniture are on the rug;

2.) Your feet should always rest on the rug when you’re seated. So, say no to a rug that will float aimlessly in the middle.

Apartment Therapy (Image credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw)


The next big decision when it comes to choosing a rug is to define your style. If you’ve planned how you want the room to look then this part should be easy. I’ve laid out 3 different style ideas as an example, all of which you can buy here on OWT. The rug you choose will set the tone of the entire room. A rug can quite literally transform a room from one style to another, so it’s worth spending some time thinking about the style you want.


Boho Luxe Rug Style

Design Loves Detail

Monochrome Bold Rug Style

47 Park Avenue

Chic Colour Rug Style

Essential Home


Once you’ve thought about the style of the rug you’d like, next up think about colour. One of the best and most effective ways to bring colour into a room is through a rug. If you don’t want coloured walls, choose an accent colour and find an oversized statement rug in this tone. Then match it with similar coloured accessories. This bedroom is a perfect example of this:


Choosing a rug based on bold colour is a really easy way to zone in on the rugs that will actually work in your space. You could even choose the rug first and then design your space around that.

Or, a rug can be used to neutralise a room.


In my living room I knew I’d have 3 strong colours dotted about. We have one black wall, a blue velvet sofa, a velvet pink giant pouf and a big Slim Aaron’s print with dreamy yellows and blues. To balance all of this out I went for a Beni Ourain style rug which is off white with a black diamond pattern.


Once you’ve defined the style and the colour of your dream rug, think about texture. Do you want flat pile, deep pile, sheen, shaggy?

Flat pile is great for that chic interior designed look. Ideal for high footfall areas and of course kitchens – our new fave place to have a rug.

Living Room Ideas

For a room that needs warming up, or a boho edge then go for a shaggy or sheepskin rug that has texture and depth.