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Get The Look Of This Playful London Living Room


Last week, scrolling through Instagram a post got our hearts pumping and our thumbs twitching. It’s not often this happens anymore with interiors getting a little samey. We like to look for those designers and home owners who are truly breaking the mould and doing something completely unique. (A current favourite of ours is Beata Heuman who blends playful with traditional, we featured one of her projects on the blog here in a West London home).

This living room was designed by Tata Naka for a London home. Tata Naka are Georgian identical twins usually found designing clothes, prints and fabrics. We’ve only found imagery from a couple of angles, but that’s all you need to take in the wonder of the space.

Tata Naka

Let’s talk interior design

Yes, the walls are white, but the artwork does all the talking and not to mention all the colour, quirks and textures. We are currently coveting weird and wonderful ceramics, and this room has a bountiful amount. The totem in the corner and the oversized fireplace vases are one of a kind pieces that take this space to the next level.

The living room has a real mix of contemporary and antique/baroque influences with a glass cabinet of precious china contrasted against pink velvet and mint green fringing. The abstract mirror really is the glue that holds the room together, picking out the yellow from the botanical sofa, and the mint green velvet. We’re into tinted mirrors at the moment, if you are too then take a peek at our Alugacil & Perkoff collection .

Tata Naka


Investing in original art is one way of creating a completely unique space. Real paintings add opulence and depth, as proven by the walls here. Tata Naka have blended art with photography  creating a real gallery style space.

There are many colours going on, but aren’t they balanced perfectly? This can be hard to do, but we can pick out four main colours which are carried throughout. Pink, yellow, green and blue, proving that you can fill a room with colour without it looking chaotic.

We love painted walls and wallpaper but who needs it when you can make the walls sing with art and the room dance with colour and pattern. A breath of fresh air, don’t you think?


Tata Naka

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