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Emerging Trends to Elevate Your Home in 2019

All, INSPIRATION & TRENDS 18 Feb 2019 Rachael OWT

Despite our love for bucking trends, in the luxury interior design world it’s a different story… there’s the expected talk of emerging trends that are certain to make a splash in the coming year. Industry experts work to predict the direction that styles are leaning towards, and catapult these ideas into their own work and designs. Thinking about a 2019 renovation? We’ve had help from designers who have scoured the trendiest of innovative design shows, followed the leads of industry giants, and have been inspired by adaptive innovators to predict the future of design for the next year and beyond. See how you can elevate your home and be on the forefront of interior design currants with these hot new interior trends.

Color Trends

Décor Aid’s interior designers admit that they were a bit surprised to see more feminine shades emerging as dominant colour schemes, even in homes that are a bit more masculine. Soft shades like muted coral or dusty peaches were given a more adaptable, neutralised hue to better pair with more gender-neutral decor, while still providing a bit of warmth. Soft shades that veer more towards greys have proven to be a viable option for those that want the best of both worlds – colour, but easily managed colour. Look to shades like powdery sage green to meet this balance.


2019’s colour palette also seems to be inspired by recipes, with shades like apricot, aubergine, and plum emerging as standouts. Decadent, heavy colours are on the rise, not only as standalone wall colours but also punctuated throughout rooms via accent walls, furniture and decorative pieces. These colours provide an elegant, moody ambiance that elevates the luxury in any room.

Kitchen Trends

One of the most important areas of any home, the kitchen is constantly evolving. In fact, rooms from even a few years ago have come to look outdated. This year, our designers predict trends that will last. In the past, homeowners have opted for darker walls with light cabinets to brighten up their kitchen, but now designers are preaching the opposite. Instead of lightening your cabinets, choose shades that are deeper plays on bold colour. You’ll find that a deep slate blue provides something more interesting to the eye than a true neutral, but is muted enough to not seem overwhelming in the space. Use a bright white on the walls to balance out the room, as dark colours can oftentimes shrink a space.



Hardware is a detail that defines the kitchen – often creating the tone of the space based on the finish, material, and style. Designers from all over (and us forever) are loving brass, not only for its contrast to bland neutrals, but for its true contemporary flair. It also becomes a striking addition when paired with the aforementioned trend of darker cabinets. Cutting edge kitchens have incorporated brass into anywhere a metallic element is necessary: faucets, handles, drawer pulls, light fixtures, knobs, and chair legs have all become areas that catch the light (and the eye) and influence the feel of the room.

Structural Trends

When frustration sinks in with an outdated home, don’t look at the big picture— look to making  smaller but crucial edits that will modernise the space and leave a lasting impact. A few shifts in the structure of a room or two can make your home more on trend than even the newest buildings.

If budget allows.. crittall doors, while not new, have become a lot more familiar to those in the design world in the last few years. Our designers predict they’ll make a far bigger appearance in 2019 in homes that want to have a more sectioned off space without shrinking the home. Crittall style doors have quite an industrial minimalist look about them, usually with matte steel and glass framed in a grid-like formation, making them able to let light in and keep a space looking open. A full crittall wall with a door can function as a dividing wall between two areas, designating separate rooms. Because there’s glass, you won’t be compromising light or space. 

Recessed floors are also making a comeback. While your first thought may be that they seem a bit outdated, designers have been taking great strides in modernising the look of a sunken floor. While not always suitable in contemporary 2019 (after all, which direction would the TV or fireplace face?), they make the perfect upgrade to a space meant for entertaining guests, as they have the ideal arrangement for facilitating conversation and interaction. With the addition of a small coffee table or bar, your home will certainly be the designated spot for get-togethers. Keep your fabrics within a neutral colour scheme; because there is four times the area of a traditional couch, most colours may be a bit too much on the eye at this level.

Furniture Trends

In the world of furniture, it seems to be that current trends are holding steady, and accelerating at that. Tufted seating options — from couches, to ottomans, to stools — have remained a staple of any space that wants to add a touch of decadent luxury. Designers have also seen them making appearances in spaces you wouldn’t initially think of, like bathrooms. For a master bathroom with space to spare for a stool or bench, a velvet tufted piece makes the perfect accent. Use them to dress up a space that may be slightly lacking in luxury, or doesn’t provide as much of an opportunity for expression, like a hallway or entryway. These pieces make a notable difference.