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Do These Things To Keep Your House Plants Alive

All, HACKS & HOW TO'S 29 Oct 2018 Rachael OWT

House plants are gifts that just keep on giving. Not only do they fill up empty corners and hide ugly plug sockets, but they also improve our wellbeing and make our homes look bigger and more stylish. But, a few weeks in to smugly enjoying your house plants you might be left with one leaf on your ficus tree (it’s happened) and a keeled over cactus (again, it’s happened). Maintenance can be hard which is why a lot of people go faux, but if you get clued up on the proper care for your plants even the least green fingered can have a real tropical jungle.

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Here are some of our favourite house plants along with top tips on how to nurture them into a long life.

1. Fiddle Leaf (Ficus Lyrata)



This has got to be one of our favourite house plants of all time. Its rich green leaves take us straight to the jungle, but it can also grow to great heights adding amazing depth to any space. Although a hardy plant, they can be tricky to nurture. Fidel’s originate from western Africa and its glossy dark green leaves thrive in tropical conditions. The best way to keep this plant going is to recreate an ambient humidity by placing it in bright, or filtered light and misting every now and again.

Ultimate no no:

Do not over water, if a fiddle leaf is sat in water it will lead to root rot.

How to water your ficus plant:

The worst thing you could do is over-water a Fidel. Before watering more, wait until the top inch of soil is dry. You can feed them with a diluted liquid fertiliser every month during growing season (Spring to Autumn).

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2. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)


Crowning Glory Decor

We challenge any plant amateur to kill this one, because this is one heck of a hardy plant. Ideal for busy people, you could literally leave this one for a couple of weeks and it would still be standing strong. Also, – NASA have approved the Ficus Elastica as one of the best air purifying plants. The rubber plant likes a brightly lit room, but no direct light. They can get dusty so wipe their leaves with a damp cloth to keep them happy.

Ultimate no no:

Do not over water, its leaves will fall off!

How to water your Ficus Elastica:

In the Autumn & Winter you only need to water your rubber plant once every 10 – 14 days. Whereas in Spring/ Summer they’ll need a little more, once every 5-7 days. Before watering more, wait until the top inch of soil is dry.

3. Cactus


The Curious Natalia

We’ll forever love cacti for adding that instant Californian aesthetic. Plus, it’s no secret they are pretty easy to maintain. Obviously the native habitat for most cacti is a desert so they will grow best in lots of light, good drainage, high temperatures and low moisture. But this is not to say they don’t need watering, they will shrivel if not watered regularly despite their water storing characteristics.

Ultimate no no:

Do not place in direct sunlight as they can turn yellow.

How to water your Cactus:

Water once a week in Summer, soaking the soil. In the winter months desert dwelling cactus have a rest period so can be left un-watered.

4. Snake Plant


Crowning Glory Decor

Ideal for narrow spaces and shelves, the Snake Plant is an excellent low maintenance choice. It grows directly upwards and is basically indestructible. Great news. Not only is this the perfect beginner plant, it can also help you sleep better – woahhh. NASA recommended this plant for its natural ability to remove toxins, and this one gives off oxygen during night hours, making it perfect for the bedroom.

Ultimate no no:

Do not over water.

How to water your Snake Plant:

During winter, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering moderately – which means once a month roughly. In the spring/summer months, keep the plant’s soil moist, but not wet, about once every 10-14 days.

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5. Monstera


Urban Outfitters Blog

There was a slight Monstera over kill on Instagram this year, but we’re still loving them. Monstera’s can grow wild, so you can trim them down if needed. They like bright spaces but can get sunburnt so keep them out of direct sunlight. These plants are best for space where there is room to grow.

Ultimate no no:

Do not over water or keep in sunlight.

How to water your Monstera:

Water your monstera weekly, or whenever the top 1 inch of soil feels dry, and allow it to drain completely. When Winter comes, water it less to prevent water logging.

6. Boston Fern


Gold is a neutral

If you’re looking for a bathroom plant then a Boston Fern is the one. Being native to the South American tropics, they love a steamy humid atmosphere. Happily, it will also help cleanse air of pollutants – like magic. Another easy plant to take care of, Boston Ferns like shady spots in brightly-lit rooms, but can adapt to slightly brighter spaces.

Ultimate no no:

Doesn’t like a dry atmosphere, keep well watered and away from radiators.

How to water your Boston Fern:

Water 1-2 times per week and keep the soil moist at all times and mist weekly.

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7. Ficus Benjamina


Domino Mag

The Ficus Benjamina is ideal for shelves or floor space. They have a tree like appearance, giving depth and a good dose of botanical green. They are best placed in pots indoors in bright indirect light.

Ultimate no no:

Do not place in direct sunlight as this can scorch their leaves.

How to water your Ficus Benjamina:

Make sure you let the soil dry out between waterings. Once dry, soak the roots thoroughly, letting water drain from the bottom of the container.