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Curios, Sculptures and Statues: Home Decor With A Rich History


Our urge for some curios has been well and truly fulfilled with our new brand, (welcomed to the shop last week) Sophia Enjoy Thinking. If you’re a fan of Jonathan Adler, then muse pottery, busts, sculptures and statues will be top of your list when accessorising your home. And the weirder the better we say…


Jonathan Adler

Based in Athens, Sophia Enjoy Thinking look to their Ancient Greek heritage as inspiration for their rich collections – drawing from ancient philosophy and the wise words of the philosophers and the enchanting statues of that era. But they bring it right up to the now, modernising the ancient history into art decor which looks truly spectacular.


Their team of makers craft products from their studio in Athens on a daily basis, hand making statues out of Ceramine, which is a mixture of earthy and marble powders, which imitates the ancient Greek recipe. It’s a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material with a smooth as butter finish. The wonderful part is they can create these statues in more than 35 colours, our favourites being the Yves Klein Blue, the charcoal black and the glitzy gold.

Let’s have a closer look at their collection

The Bookends

Bookends are great because they serve a purpose whilst making a statement, so the bolder you can go, the better it will look on the shelf.


We love the Cycladic Bookends –  they celebrate Cycladic Art & Culture which flourished in the islands of the Aegean Sea from around 3000BC. Cycladic Art is usually expressed in figures that are highly stylised representations of the human form, with flat and geometric features – that are oh so timeless, don’t you think?!. Simplicity, harmony and vitality all characterise Cycladic Art which are deeply in line with Sophia’s ideals.


Cycladic Bookend Set £61.00 Shop here

Also part of the Cycladic collection are these head statues:

Head Sifnos Statue £41.00 Shop here


The Hands


Hands were celebrated a lot in Ancient Greek times, immortalised in statues to represent versatility. The Utopia Hand statues represent the marvel of the human hand, which can execute a myriad of moves: to hold, to seize, to press, to touch. Sophia say it’s a gift for a partner you would like to honour…we say it also looks incredibly cool on any mantel.


Utopia Hands Sculpture £37.00 Shop here


Dialogue Hand Sculpture £37 Shop here


The Head Busts

From Alexander the Great to Apollo, the Sophia Bust collection looks to the Greek Gods for inspiration. This one below is one of our favourites, coloured in Yves Klein blue.  If you’ve stumbled across the Yves Klein’s painting in the Tate you’ll know what we’re talking about…The International Klein Blue was created by Klein and registered as a trademark colour in 1957. He said the colour was close to pure space, and when you really stare at it, it is mesmerising.

Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis and was the God of Sun and Truth, who is well known to have the gift of prophecy. So maybe if you stare long enough into the blue you’ll see what your future holds…




Apollo Head Bust £50.00 Shop here


The Discs

Inspired by the Phaistos Disc which is an enigma in Ancient Greek history, a circular clay disc is covered with inscribed symbols on both sides that are unlike any signs in any writing system known. Style this on your shelf and it will be a unique talking piece that’s for sure.


Phaistos Disc Statue £44 Shop here

Time to be bold and daring…

Shop the entire Sophia Enjoy Thinking collection here