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Crush Anxiety With These Easy Decorating Tips


You know when you’ve just washed your bedding and you have the.best.nights.sleep.ever?! Can’t you just picture it now… collapsing into a fresh cloud that cocoons you up after a long day. This as well as investing in good quality bed linen are just a few of the many things you can do to get rid of any anxiety you’re feeling.

Anxiety is not an easy thing to quell, but the home is a good place to start. Our surroundings have a direct effect on our well being, everything from colour to light can impact how we feel. So as well as bed linen, there are a ton of other proven tips to reduce anxiety, which is so steadily on the rise.

1. Paint it blue

My Domaine. Photo: Callie Hobbs

We’ve talked a lot about blue walls on the blog, but mainly about how much we love the colour and less on the actual benefit blue can have on your mind and body. Blue is proven to slow your heart rate down, reducing blood pressure and helping you feel calm and less stressed. It doesn’t have to be a light dusky blue, dark blue has the same soothing effect. This is why it’s the perfect colour to use in the bedroom, to soften you into a great nights sleep.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Apartment Therapy Photo: Kim Lucian

It’s no surprise that bringing the outdoors in can de stress, being close to nature is the best way to feel inner peace. Whether you’re going real or faux, adding plants to any room at home can help you feel calm.

3. Bed Feng Shui

Maison De Pax

Just like we talk about here in How To Design Your Bedroom For A Dreamy Nights Sleep, where you position your bed is vital for Feng Shui. Place it on the opposite side of the room from your door, but not directly opposite. This helps keep a relaxing flow around the room, keeping you calm.

4. De clutter your life

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It’s no surprise that clutter can contribute to stress. We’re not saying you need a minimal home (no way) but keeping an ordered space can help. Cull items that you don’t actually like and that have been sitting on the shelf for years. Keep your shelves uncluttered with plenty of space between objects.

5. Let the light in


We all feel better when the light seeps in through the windows. Natural light makes you feel better at home because it helps to regulate your natural body clock, improving your mood. Open your curtains or blinds as soon as you wake up, or go for no curtains at all. If your home is a little dark you can use artificial light like down lights and floor lights to help brighten a gloomy space. 

6. Fresh flowers

With Love from Kat

It’s the simple things at times and fresh flowers can trigger positive emotions, improving our well being. Let’s face it, permanent peonies  / hydrangeas certainly help lift the day up.

7. Lavender

Wedding O Mania

Lavender is always in those products that help us sleep, encourage relaxation and soothe us. So why not pick it fresh. bunch it up and place it in your bedroom? Studies have shown that smelling lavender can make you feel more relaxed and improve your mood significantly.

8. No mirrors

My Domaine

You might think you need a mirror in the bedroom but actually it’s the worse place to have them (just look at all interior designed bedrooms – you probably won’t see one). Mirrors can increase stress, so the best place to have them is in the bathroom, hidden on the doors of your wardrobes, or in the hallway.

9. Hide Technology

Life on Virginia Street

It’s so tempting to fall asleep with the TV on, or keep it on as background noise in the living room – but excess noise causes stress. Go for an out of sight out of mind look and hide all of your technology behind units, or at the switch of a button.

Make any of these small changes at home and you’ll feel the difference to your well being, when you wake up, or get home from a hard working day.