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10 Amazing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 30 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

Christmas trees have become somewhat of a statement for interior lovers these days and why the hell not we say. They give us that little extra window of creativity every year. So we’ve put together 10 amazing christmas tree decorating ideas to give you a bit of inspiration for yours.

People have a different approach to christmas tree decorating. There are those that like to keep it on trend buying new tree decorations each year, those who go full DIY and get the kids to make tree decorations, those who pull out the same baubles year on year and those who use a fake tree – which by the way does not mean what it used to. Faux sho.

10 gorgeous christmas tree decorating

1. DIY Style

Mix up your baubles with handmade clay ones – perfect if you have some little helpers around. Paint them or leave them white like homeyohmy does here on her gorgeous tree:


2. Classic

First off, loving the interiors of this room, aren’t you? This classic tree adds a touch of coziness and sparkle to the monochrome style. Use gold with traditional style baubles like candy canes.


 3. Branch

If minimal is your thing and you’d rather not have a big green tree in your hallway then this branch look is for you. Perfectly nordic.


 4. Bold

This tree doesn’t mess around. Who needs a gold star at the top when the finishing touches could be a gigantic pink bow?!


5. Snow Dusted

Create a winter wonderland in your own hope with a snow dusted tree and silver and white baubles to match. Perfect for a Scandi style space matching sheepskin perfectly.


6. White Artificial

Go against the norm with a white tree. Opt for bright and sparkly decorations that stand out, or go for black and gold if you love monochrome.


7. Bare

Why not decorate your tree with well, no decorations? There’s something very rustic and charming about a christmas tree with no decorations, don’t you think? Pare it with a vintage box / stand and you’ve got a winning look.


8. Mini

One for the city slickers with zero floor space, a mini tree can fit almost anywhere and makes just as much as a statement. Choose a cool bag or box to put it in.


9. Showstopping

This amazing tree has used flower decorations to add extra texture and prettiness. Oh and a christmas scene isn’t complete without a dog.


10. Sparse

Adding just one string of twinkly lights and the odd bauble here and there adds a little magic to this white room.