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Interior Trend Watch: Caged Lighting

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 16 Jan 2018 Rachael OWT

Feeling cagey?

I don’t like to use the word trend too much, as here at OWT we like to follow our hearts (as cheesy as that sounds) and ride the wave of obsessions that come and go. Every now and again  Almost every single day a little obsession crops up and we’re currently coveting caged lighting.

Caged lighting is all over our shop at the moment from antique bronze pendant lights to chicken wire lighting. The best thing about it is how versatile it is, it suits almost any decor style from Bohemian to Coastal. A black caged light will add some dramatic darkness to a space, but choose a gold caged light and you’ll be adding a splash of edgy glamour to your space.

Let’s take a look at our best picks of caged lighting from our gorgeous brands…





1. VBH Black Wire Pendant Light, £115 Shop here on OWT

2. Ella James Black Woven Rattan Light, £85 Shop here on OWT

3. VBH Kimi Gold Pendant Light £175 Shop here on OWT

4. VBH Salova Pendant Light £185 Shop here on OWT

5.  VBH Nikki Wire Pendant Light £118 Shop here on OWT 

6. VBH Kimi Bell Pendant Light £175 Shop here on OWT

Wondering how to style these wonderous things?

Dark & Dramatic Living Room Centrepiece


Bohemian Style

Norsu Interiors


Bodie & Fou


Planete Deco

Kitchen Pendant Lights