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Beyond the sofa…Floor cushions to bolsters; the definitive guide to buying cushions for every part of your home

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 10 Dec 2018 Rachael OWT

It’s week 3 of our pillow talk cushion series, and this week we’re looking beyond the sofa for cushty inspiration, with floor cushions. Because, well, sometimes we like to lounge on the floor don’t we? Or, sometimes that 2-seater sofa just doesn’t suffice when it comes to hosting friends. We’ll be suggesting some ideas as to how you can add a touch of colour or softness to every corner of your home with different floor cushions.

Floor Cushions
Bolster Cushions
Outdoor Cushions

Floor Cushions


A floor cushion can be a great alternative to furniture, if you’re on a budget, short on space, or simply have an empty corner crying out for a quick fix. Layering them up can create a boho chic look, with texture and pattern.

Round Floor Cushion Ideas

Velvet Round Cushion £60 Shop here on Oh What’s This. Pic credit:

A round floor cushion is a playful way to soften a space, whether indoors or out. The shape lends itself well to the floor, helping the flow of a room, as opposed to square shapes. These velvet floor cushions above are handmade by Live Love Smile (in the Oh What’s This shop here) and are versatile enough to sit casually on the floor, or on the sofa.

Naturally, you’ll want to choose soft fabrics for your floor cushion covers if you’ll be lounging on them. But don’t be afraid to play with other textures, for a purely decorative feature, like these straw cushions – ideal for poolside living.


Fashion Me Now

But if you haven’t got a casual swimming pool lying around then we suppose an indoor floor cushion will do..



Velvet can be an indulgent choice for a sofa, if you’re worried about spillages or grubby children. But, the great thing about floor cushions is you won’t be using them as much, so if you want to fulfil your velvet dreams, a velvet floor cushion can be a great way to get this coveted fabric into your home in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Adding A Pop Of Colour Or Texture

A floor cushion can also be a great way to add a pop of colour to a minimal room, or equally layer up a monochromatic colour scheme. This living room below brings further texture to the space with a bohemian grey floor cushion elevating the room further.



A giant floor cushion is a child friendly idea for the home – something they can clamber on, or soften the blow of a tumble. Layering up different shapes not only creates a satisfying aesthetic, like this neutral living room below,  but also helps develop height and texture. A grey floor cushion is ideal for this pared back look, and choosing more than one will help build a soft layered style.



Bolster Cushions



Bolster cushions aren’t just stunning additions to a nook or a stylish bed, but they can also double up as something more Zen. A yoga bolster cushion can support your stretches, and if you haven’t used one before, this handy Ultimate guide to yoga bolster cushions talks all about how to use them and add them into your yoga routines.

The Pouffe

There’s a slight blurred line between a floor cushion and a pouffe. Without stating the obvious a pouffe generally has more height and structure and can be used as a foot rest, tray, seat, kitchen table, you name it.

A leather pouffe is synonymous with Morocco and their traditional bohemian leather pouffes. You don’t have to choose a Moroccan style, a simple leather pouffe can add a masculine touch to a space.

New Darlings


Leather Moroccan Pouffe £90 Shop here on Oh What’s This
Decoration Love

For texture and warmth choose a knitted pouffe. The softness of a knitted pouffe lends itself perfectly to a nursery space, in soft colours like grey.


Zuri House

If you’ve got some time on your hands and are feeling crafty then this blog post teaches how to make your own knitted pouffe.

We have an array of pouffes to choose from in the shop, from Beni Ourain pouffes to pink velvet.

Natural tassel pouffe £225 Shop here on Oh What’s This

Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Seating Area

House & Garden

Finding stylish hardwearing outdoor cushions is no easy task. Of course you can choose indoor cushions and make a mad dash for it (along with the cushions)  when it pours. But it’s often easier to choose the hardy or waterproof fabrics for your garden chair cushions to withstand even a little bit of outdoor muck.

Outdoor Floor Cushion £149 Shop here on Oh What’s This

How To Make Your Own Outdoor Cushions

Finding the right outdoor seat cushions for your bench is an equally harder task. So why not make your own? This post teaches how to DIY your own outdoor box cushion to the right size you need. The best part, you can find your own fabric and customise your outdoor space completely. For more garden inspiration read our 10 Dreamy Garden Ideas To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Summer

That’s week 3 of our cushion series all wrapped up, now you’ll be spotting empty corners where a floor cushion or pouffe would look right at home. Next week we’ll be looking at our favourite trending cushion styles of 2018 which won’t be a hard task and will probably have us adding every single one to our shopping basket, it’s Christmas after all.