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Bedroom Makeover Part 2: Top Hacks & Choosing The Perfect Grey With Design Studio V

HACKS & HOW TO'S, HOME TOURS 21 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

I’m beyond excited to f i n a l l y share my bedroom makeover with you! Given that we moved in in June and it’s now November, boy has it taken an age.

50 shades of grey

Firstly, before I go in to the bedroom makeover, I think someone needs to seriously consider a 50 Shades Of Grey film but about just that – grey paint shades. Granted it would be a huge anticlimax from Jamie Dornan, unless he was presenting, but that would be completely distracting and maybe a little weird. But it may shed light on the confusing job of choosing the right grey paint colour. So for this reason, I’d watch it from start to finish.

And, just to add, the bedroom is still a work in progress, but I can’t bare to wait any longer!

– Choosing Paint for the bedroom makeover- 

When it came to decorating our bedroom I had to reign myself in slightly with the colour as with the rest of the house I’d so far gone for dark shades (living room is black which I’ll be revealing soon, as well as office). Our bedroom is really light naturally and the ceilings are very high, so a light grey seemed like the perfect choice. I also knew I wanted to accessorise with dark fabrics and furniture so that the bedroom wasn’t too wishy-washy. If you want to see my mood board for the bedroom  makeover take a look here.

Little did I know it would take me 3 weeks to choose the right grey paint colour for the walls. Anyone who’s decorated with grey will be familiar with this turmoil, am I right?

To kick off the bedroom makeover, I went through 10 grey colour testers on the walls and even paid £35 for 5L of a mixed grey colour, only to get it home and completely hate it. The paint colour was lilac and no I didn’t get a tester, I decided to wing it. My bro had come round to help paint (legend), (Steve was away being a David Beckham double – not a joke) but we ordered takeaway instead and just stared at the lilac paint colour in disgrace.

And that’s the thing with grey paint, it comes with the risk of looking slightly purple, or slightly dull, and unless you want either one of those things, choosing the right grey paint colour for your walls is no easy feat.


Thankfully, Design Studio V came to our bedroom makeover rescue with their stunning range of Pure & Original paint. With quite a bit of frantic back and forth (from my side obviously) about the problems I’d been having with choosing the right grey paint, and how I just wanted a nearly white but not white sort of grey, grey, they suggested, Sea Salt. I loved the name of it and not just the colour.

Sea Salt Grey



So, a day later, Sea Salt paint arrived, beautifully packaged from Design Studio V. We went for the Classico Chalk paint in 2.5l, which is for walls, ceilings and furniture – ideal. I didn’t test it, (didn’t learn from my previous mistake did?) we just went straight in for it, and loved it instantly, thankfully.

And just a reminder of what our bedroom looked like before, pay particular attention to the wardrobes ;).


 – AFTER –


about the paint

Pure & Original’s Sea Salt is in my opinion the perfect light grey. It’s soft and not dull in the slightest. The paint looks beautiful against most colours and the chalk style texture gives it a matt finish, which rolled on to the walls like a dream. I have to say it is thicker than most paints I’ve used before which made it feel high quality, and gives it a great depth. Happily, the paint itself is created with natural pigments and is environmentally friendly.


The Sea Salt Classico paint was easy to apply with a standard roller, and even after one coat it looked good enough. But to get the right finish we went for two coats. It dries really quickly, so the second coat can be done after 4 hours of drying. The colour changes in the light which I love, it sometimes can look darker, and other times lighter. So, the bedroom makeover was off to a good start after the painting was complete.


Next, I matched Sea Salt with Pure & Original’s Barbedos Blue for the wardrobes, also kindly from Design Studio V’s gorgeous selection of colours. Barbados is a special place to me, lot’s of family holidays there when I was growing up so I’m loving this colour so much. We matched the paint with a white carpet to emulate sand (riskay colour, forever scared to walk on carpet). Sea Salt & Barbedos Blue are colours dreamt up in some Barbadian paradise and that is something I can 100% get on board with.


My favourite part of the bedroom makeover is our wardrobes. We literally transformed them! I’m pretty chuffed with this DIY trick I dreamt up. For any of you who’d love to see how we created these wardrobes in Design Studio V’s Barbedos Blue, I’ve revealed all here.


– Styling the bedroom – 

Whereas in the living room I’ve gone for a mid century / Californian vibe (my fave) with a sputnik light and Slim Aarons, the bedroom took a different direction. Being a total cushion obsessive I find myself addicted to certain prints and patterns as you’ll know from the brands I choose for OWT. I’m currently loving leopard & mudcloth prints, but in the end I went for a timeless stripe, I’m still thinking about adding a splash of boho to break up the stripe, we’ll see.


There were a few mishaps along the way (I won’t bore you with them all) I became utterly obsessed with a white wooden beaded chandelier, bagged the last ever one, and it got lost in the post?? Knowing I was under a deadline I hatched a plan to (sort of) make my own. The chandelier is actually acrylic and I sprayed it white. This only cost me £30 in total, compared to £90 and I’m pretty pleased with it.

I am a big Bowie fan, thanks to my dad who raised us on his music, amongst others. Bowie was always reinventing himself and this print is there as a reminder to reinvent myself, take risks, and be innovative #hustle. This is one of my fave images of Bowie, you wouldn’t know it was him would you?


But, don’t you think the grey tiles defo need changing…AND, I’m already thinking about painting the fire place in one of Pure & Original’s dark greys. What do you think?



Our bedside tables were an absolute find. After another out of stock order, I found these second hand bad boys on Ebay. I loved the Lombok style and already had the perfect handles to customize the tables with. I am sooo in love with these handles, I almost don’t want to tell anyone where I found them! Lastly, we gave the handles a slight gold touch up before screwing them on.


We invested in expensive sateen cotton bedding for hotel vibes, it truly makes a difference and don’t get me started on the mattress from Hyde & Sleep – sublime. I do actually think the bedroom still looks pretty minimal so stay tuned for little updates.

My Budget Bedroom DIY Tricks

Next up, some small DIY tricks I did. This corner dressing table cost me £3o to make – no kidding. I used marble transfer paper for the top and then bought a bamboo style handle for the finishing touch.



Also, another budget DIY trick of mine is this stool, which I’ve shared here. I bought the stool from eBay for £24 and sprayed the legs gold. The gorgeous sheepskin cover is from one of our very own OWT brands Herd, shop here. This is the best idea ever for luxeing up an old stool!



Girls only shoes cupboard 😉



What do you think? It’s definitely getting there, I think it needs a touch more texture and dark shades (shock!).

So, now I’m just trying to dream up more space as an excuse to use more of Pure & Original paint. Lastly, Design Studio V also stock the Marrakech and Fresco Lime paints which I am definitely tempted to try, I just might stay away from grey this time to avoid 3 weeks of agony again. Thanks to Pure Original’s paint shades I know where to go for the next room I’m tackling.


Barbedos Blue Paint – Pure & Original – Design Studio V

Sea Salt Paint – Pure & Original – Design Studio V

Stool Cover – OWT

Make Up Bag – OWT

King Size Bed – World Stores

Mattress –  Hyde & Sleep

Cushion Covers –  Etsy (California)

Bowie Picture – Google

Bowie Picture Frame –  Desenio

Wall Pineapple – Bought In Bali

Curtains – Curtainsandblinds4home

Curtain Rail – Homebase

Bedside Table Handles – Etsy

Bedside Tables – eBay

Light – The Range

Palm Tree Lamps – Homesense & Comet Lighting

Mirror – £109 House of Isabella 

Dressing Table £29.99 – eBay

Stool – £24.77 – eBay

Palm Tree Prints – Taken in Miami

Carpet – Carpet Right 

Bedding – Dunelm