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Part 1/4 : Bedroom Decorating Project: Inspiration & Colour Planning

HOME TOURS 22 Sep 2017 Rachael OWT


Firstly, a little warning before you go ahead and read, this is a cliffhanger of a blog post. Aren’t they just the worst? Sorry, I mean the best.

Before I go into the bedroom decorating project, for those of you who don’t know, (I’ve been telling everyone, even strangers) we are now on the London ladder and much to my joy this has meant a big fat interior project, beginning with bedroom planning.


But little did I know how long it would actually take. Thanks to out of stock items, lost deliveries and impossibly long lead times, (not from my wonderful OWT sellers, but other companies) the bedroom decorating post is a little delayed. So, to keep you all on your toes, (I know I’ve been promising blogs with every sneak peak) I’m sharing a pre – blog if you like, to let you in on my inspiration. Since inspiration and planning is key to getting a room perfect, I think it’s ideal to share with you first anyway.

We decided to start with the bedroom, because whilst all the chaos goes on out there, having a finished beautified room to collapse into at the end of the day just makes sense. Here are the before photos. Don’t you just love a “before” photo that isn’t immediately followed by an “after?”



The bedroom was pretty much a blank canvas, but with all the lovely period features.

So where to start with our bedroom decorating?


This image right here was the beginning of my new love affair with dusky blue and the sole inspiration for our bedroom. Finding a key image like this one is a great place to start. I found it back in June when we moved in which shows how lengthy the bedroom decorating project has been, considering it’s now September!



Before tackling each room I’ve been starting with a mood board of ideas, which then gets signed off by the BF. But let’s face it, even if he unapproved the look I’d go ahead anyway. He’d love it in the end.


Getting the overall vision on paper helps you to plan how the room will fit together. I’m very visual so this works best for me; I include key colours, accent materials, fabrics and accessories. This wardrobe image was the basis of everything and I then styled around that. A bit like starting an outfit with a pair of shoes and working your way up.


 Inspiration Image Sources:

Wardrobe PictureShaumacher Leopard Sky FabricLittle Greene Grey SwatchesBowie Picture

Beaded ChandelierBrunschwig & Fils Les TouchesQuatrefoil


To kick off the bedroom decorating the first big job was to find the right blue paint colour for the inspired wardrobes. After much frantic searching with no luck, Design Studio V came to my rescue with their range of amazing Pure & Original paint (soon to be shoppable on OWT). I was not only thrilled to find the right shade of blue within their colour charts, but also it’s name is “Barbedos Blue” does anything sound dreamier?


When the Barbedos Blue arrived beautifully packaged, I can tell you now when I eagerly popped the lid, the colour was beyond perfect and still is. I go in to more detail on the paint and what we did with it in the Bedroom Makeover and Wardrobe Pimping post.

The bedroom has been a gradual project but I keep going back to the mood board to hone in on my idea and add more details. You might be wondering what furniture we chose to fit the theme, and boy am I excited to show you, it includes some swoonworthy eBay finds.

And there you have it. Stay tuned to hear how Design Studio V helped me with my nightmare finding the right grey paint colour for the rest of the bedroom, the brand spanking “after” pictures and how to pimp your wardrobes from boring to beautiful on a budget.


R x