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Aerin Lauder’s Beautiful Family Home in Palm Beach

HOME TOURS 31 Oct 2017 Rachael OWT

Being born into the Lauder family must be one of the most stylish entries into life. Especially growing up and having holidays in this Palm Beach family home that was passed down by Estée Lauder to her children. It’s now a getaway for three generations of Lauders. Life envy much?

So, we take a look inside the white-pillared palm beach mansion and family home designed by society architect Marion Sims Wyeth in 1924. We plucked it from the stylish pages of Architectural Digest


Firstly, we love colonial architecture and this poolside is just that. With a beautiful white pillared wall around the pool, this is understated style at its best. Forget about holiday home, we want this as a forever home.


Next, the entrance. How tropical is this entryway?


This garden furniture is so timeless that this photo could be from any era.


A colonial family home wouldn’t be right without an open courtyard. We adore the green botanicals against the pure white pillars and walls.


Although the house was decorated in the 90’s by Aerin’s parents, this light and airy family home still looks contemporary and fresh don’t you think? This a definite testament to their impeccable taste standing the test of time. The walls are painted with custom-mixed Donald Kaufman pastels—pink, yellow, lavender, blue. The perfect calming setting for a relaxed retreat and a great interior tip for choosing colours that age well.


Looking at this living room you’d never guess it was first decorated in the 90’s. It looks totally on trend now with our love for millennial pink, and definitely helps prove that this is a colour worth risking on your walls.


Choosing pastel colours in a palm beach home will never go wrong, but you might be hesitant about bringing this colour into your own home. But, we love a bit of pastel blue and it totally works in any style of home, as we talk about in our dusky blue post here.

Sea View


Last but not least, the colonial frontage is what dreams are made of. When can we stay?


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