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8 Stylish Tricks To Transform Your Rented Home


If boxy Ikea furniture, magnolia walls, dingy bathrooms and worn carpets sounds familiar then you’ve seen your fair share of rented flats. Everyone lives in a rental at some point in their lives, for us Londoner’s it’s perhaps longer than others since a garage is the same price as a 1 bed. Usually painting is out of the question, unless you’re lucky to have a landlord that’s extremely chilled out (rare!). Firstly, before you make any of these quick and easy changes, try your luck to see if you can paint the walls white, it will make a big difference.

1. Let The Furniture Do The Talking

Emily Henderson

If you can, invest in key stylish pieces because it’s the furniture that is going to carry the space. Think carefully about shape, colour and texture. Choosing a statement sofa is key and you don’t have to have a big budget to achieve this, scour vintage shops or eBay and Gumtree for second hand sofas.


These nesting tables are compact and stylish ideal for a small living room:

rattan side tables
Set of 2 Rattan Side Tables £165 Shop here on Oh What’s This

2. Layer Up Stylish Cushions

If you’re tied to a furnished apartment, then stylish furniture can be difficult to achieve. If this is the case it’s all about masking the furniture you’re not happy with and you can do this with cushions and throws. Cushions are the easiest way to transform a sofa and bed without having to change the furniture.


Fashion Squad – Carolina Engman


Maria Claire Interiors

You’re in the right place when it comes to finding stylish cushions, we’ve selected our current favourites from the Oh What’s This shop:

Designer Spotted Cushion £50 Shop here on Oh What’s This
Monkey Bean Ash Velvet Cushion Cover
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3. Lighten Up

Domino Mag Photography by Cody Ulrich Photo 

Lighting is one thing you can definitely control in a rental that will transform a space in no time. Whether it’s oversized table lamps or a statement chandelier, don’t over look this easy trick. Not only for the aesthetic but softer lighting will instantly help the ambience of a room.



Mid Century Modern Brushed Brass Sputnik Chandelier
Mid Century Modern Brushed Brass Sputnik Chandelier £345 Shop here on Oh What’s This

4. Rug It Up

My Scandinavian Home

Perfect for hiding ugly carpet or flooring, rugs are an instant fix when it comes to bringing a room together. They are also great for adding a splash of colour when you can’t bring colour to the walls. Read our tips here on How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Any Room. When it comes to choosing a rug, the bigger the better and style your furniture on top, not around it – faux pas!

Dana Rug £155 Shop here on Oh What’s This

5. It’s Curtains For Old Blinds

Curtains might not be your focus when it comes to budgeting for your flat. But you’d be surprised at how much they can alter a room. Choose print or colour to bring some warmth to a room, or go for neutral if you’re styling with colour elsewhere.

The Home I Create


Hibiscus Room via Thiink Fruit

6. Propped Up Art


You might not be able to put art on your walls incase it wrecks the walls (there are ways around it like using sticky nail alternatives). But if you don’t want to risk it then try propping them up on the floor, or on shelves.

7. Style Up Your Tables


The Decor Pad

Use accessories to add intrigue and distract the eye away from any ugly features you’re trying to hide. Style everything symmetrically and use coffee table books for height.

Pineapple Candle Holder £290 Shop here on Oh What’s This

8. Botanical Pick Me Ups

Gold Decor Designs 

It’s no secret that house plants help to make a room look bigger, better and more stylish. Style in dead zone corners, dingy bathrooms, and small bedrooms to add depth and a pop of fresh colour.