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10 Ways Brass Accents Make A Room

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 19 Nov 2017 Rachael OWT

Brass is up there as one of our fave materials, especially when sat next to marble or black. It’s more timeless than copper, which has had it’s moment – yes we’ll always love you copper – but brass accents is our preference when it comes to styling a room and if you want to create a space that can stand the test of time. Gold fits under the category of brass so it can be on a spectrum of shades. It’s best as an accent metal, through lighting, accessories, and frames.

From rustic brass to shiny gold we take a look at the different ways brass accents can look amazing at home.

1. Lighting

We are loving these classic gold wall sconces, they are the perfect surround for that monochrome print, and match the glam bench underneath perfectly.


2. Bathroom Mirrors

Oh the symmetry. Adding brass accents to the bathroom is such a luxe idea, bring it in through mirrors, and handles.


3. Bedside BRASS Accents

A mirror next to a bedside table helps to create more of an illusion of space. This brass mirror adds a chic and classic touch to this cute bedside.


4. Kitchen Cabinets

Why not go for gold in the kitchen? Yes, it’s small but the style is BIG.


5. Seating

These brass seats add the perfect amount of glamour to this retro dining space. This is more of a unique way of bringing gold into a space.


6. Furniture

How absolutely glam is this gold wardrobe?


7. Bathroom Details

Adding subtle gold works really well in the bathroom. Focus on the details and you’ll end up with a gorgeous bathroom like this one:


8. Shelves

A cheaper option if you’re on a budget is to bring gold in through shelves. If you really want to save your pennies, get a spray can and upcycle an old unit.


9. Decorative Accents

This monochrome space wouldn’t be the same with these amazing gold accents.


10. Coffee Table

A gold coffee table is the ideal accent to a chic and white living room like this one.



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