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10 Times Statement Wallpaper Can Truly Transform A Space

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 14 Sep 2017 Rachael OWT

We’ve got a hankering for statement wallpaper at the moment. Wallpaper has the power to transform a space from tiny to bigger, and from dull to interesting. Let’s take a look at spaces where statement wallpaper is truly necessary.

1. The Downstairs Loo

Narrow bathroom? Bold wallpaper will make the space feel larger, and way more interesting for it’s visitors. If you’re a bit scared of wallpaper, this is the perfect way to be bold without too much commitment. Who says small spaces can’t have large personality?

2. The Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is a great space to go bold in, you don’t have to worry about getting bored of the pattern. Just be sure it’s not too crazy that your guests don’t come back to stay!

3. The Teeny Tiny Spare Room

Wallpaper distracts the eye from the rest of the space, making it feel more expansive. Like this little loft room which does an amazing job of packing in tons of style.

4. Behind Shelves

If you’re after a more subtle look, choosing statement wallpaper to sit behind shelves is a sneaky way to add a huge amount of style without ripping down the shelves and forking out money on better ones.

5. The Room Within A Room

If you’ve got an awkward alcove but have had a genius brain wave of transforming it into a home office, (you’re welcome) then wallpaper can help define the space, creating a separate zone from the rest of the room.

6. The Nursery

Nate Berkus proves that a nursery can still have oodles of style. There isn’t an ounce of pastel in sight. The neutral marbled wallpaper adds a glamorous touch to this room.

7. The Entryway

One bold accent wall can transform a hallway, like this one below where the wallpaper lifts the white and gold accessories.

8. Next to the stairs

People can overlook the stairway as a place to decorate, but it’s the perfect space to express a bit of character.

9. Home office

Big and bold wallpaper on one wall can make a space amazing, like this office tour below:

10. The Corridor

Make an otherwise boring corridor / hallway an interesting space with some bold wallpaper, like this space below.


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