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10 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 30 Jan 2018 Rachael OWT

10 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Another “holiday” as our US friends would call it and we’re all for anything with that title. Valentine’s Day should be a day to treat anyone you love, even your dog, but if you need to drop some major hints to the heart throb in your life then we’ve got it covered.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her, for those buying for the lady interior lovers in their life:

1. Hurricane Vase, £50


Latimer Living Hurricane Vase, £50 Shop here
2. Pink Spotty Cushion, £40



Live Love Smile Pink Dalmatian Cushion, £40 Shop here


3. Moroccan Tray, £50


India May Home Ishwari Moroccan Black Tray, £50 Shop here
4. Dalmatian Trinket Box, £12


Peony Dalmatian Trinket Box, £12  Shop here
5. Gloss White Mug, £28


Nina + Co Gloss White T Bar Mug, £28 Shop here
6. Pixel Pink Pouch, £32


One Nine Eight Five, Pixel Pink Pouch, £32 Shop here
7. Dalmatian Ring Cone, £8


Copper + Solder Ring Cone £8 Shop here
8. Trinket Dish, £8


Peony Trinket dish £8 Shop here
9. Velvet Leopard Cushion, £40

Leopard Cushion Cover

Live Love Smile, Leopard Cushion £40 Shop here
10. She, Wall Art £40

Peytil, She Wall Art, £40 Shop here