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9 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 30 Jan 2018 Rachael OWT

9 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a drag can’t it. We usually opt for staying in with an M&S meal for two, instead of wining and dining out with other 2 seaters, set menus and roses for £1. But, even if we do choose to stay away from the masses I’m lucky to have a man who has more often than not, bought me a Valentine’s day gift. (Apart from that one time he forgot it was valentines day, we’ll let that slide) Giving each other gift’s has actually become quite a nice tradition, but guys can be quite hard to shop for can’t they? Which ever man your looking to treat, whether it’s your beau or bestie, here’s a list of 10 stylish Valentine’s Gifts for him so you can treat any man in your life.

This is a list for the guy who loves a candle.

1. Him Print, £40


Peytil, Him Print £40 Shop here
2. Espresso Mug, £22


Nina + Co Espresso Mug, £22 Shop here
3. Grassy Carafe £35


Latimer Living, Wine Carafe £35 Shop here
4. Monstera Deliciosa Print, £28



By Garmi, Monstera Deliciosa Print, £28 Shop here
5. Horn Vessel, £29


Latimer Living, Horn Vessel £29 Shop here
6. Her Body Limited Edition Print, £160

Peytil, Her Body £160 Shop here
7. Monochrome Mug, £28


Nina + C0, Gloss Mug, £28 Shop here
8. Continental Candle, £35
Illumination House, Candle £35 Shop here
9. Hampshire Candle, £35


Illumination House Candle £35 Shop here