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10 Style New Year Resolutions For Your Home

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 22 Dec 2017 Rachael OWT
10 Style New Year Resolutions For Your Home

It’s nearly time for that Christmas tree shaped hole to appear in the living room. I don’t know about you but once the sad trees pave the streets, we’re left wondering what the heck filled that space before? If that corner feels a little empty then it’s the perfect excuse to invest in a new piece of furniture or artwork to soften the January blow.

This year we’re encouraging 10 style new year resolutions for your home that you will stick to.  And don’t worry there’s not a rice cake or gym membership in sight, I promise.

It’s so easy to neglect interiors when life is busy, especially if you don’t know where to start. But with a little NY update you’ll be surprised at the impact it will have on your mindset and resolutions. A stylish home is a stylish mind.

1. Declutter & Stylish Storage

New year is a great time to have a bit of a declutter. Get rid of those old magazines, clothes and secret santa presents. Do you ever notice something and think what the hell is that doing on the shelf? Get rid. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. And the best part is you’ll hopefully have extra space for some stylish storage like a gorgeous basket.

India May Home, Silver Basket £45 Shop here on OWT

2. Update Your Bedding

Bedding can make a huge difference to your life and sleeps. Kick your year off to the right start with some new fresh bedding to sink into. Whether this is a duvet set or a throw get your bed looking gorgeous it will cheer your January right up. We love this blanket by one of our gorgeous brands, One Nine Eight Five.

One Nine Eight Five, Labyrinth Throw £165 Shop here

3. Introduce Some Plants

Plants can add HUGE style to a room and can add depth to a space. Invest in some botanicals or fill your vases with some pretty faux’s, the perfect quick way to refresh your home.

Fake Peony Stem
Fake Peony Stem, £14 Shop here

4. Finally buy some Art

If buying art has been on your list for a while then there’s no time like the present.

Peytil, Him Print, £40

5. Refresh Your Cushions

Cushions are the easiest way to refresh an old sofa or spruce up your bedroom a bit. We are obsessed with cushions at OWT as you’ve probably noticed. Shop our big collection here.

Live Love Smile, Leopard Cushion £40 Shop here

6. New Accessories

Just one item can really make a difference to a shelf. Get rid of old clutter on your mantel or shelves and replace with considered accessories.

Pretty Things
Peony, Candle Plate £10 Shop here

7. Kitchen Updates

The kitchen can get neglected, especially if you’re renting. There are small things you can do to add some style and practical improvements. Like these copper hooks. Ideal for hanging pans, utensils or tea towels.

Copper & Solder, Copper Hooks £30

8. Get that Armchair

It can be really easy to put off buying furniture, especially if it might take a chunk out of your bank. But, the investment is worth it especially when your friends don’t have to sit on the floor anymore.


Oliver Hayden, Berlin Chair £500

9. Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. And not just for style reasons but the actual light it gives off. Get the ambience right and you’re on to a winner. Add a table lamp for warm light or invest in a statement light to add the wow factor.

Ponz Lighting, Mid Century Chandelier £334

10. Rug Up

A rug can add colour, texture, pattern whatever you want and can transform a room. New Year is the perfect time to get out with the old and in with the new, so in this case bin that rug from centuries gone and replace with a gorgeous new one.


Woven, Diamond Rug £845 Shop here