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6 Black and White Living Room Styles We Love

INSPIRATION & TRENDS 29 Sep 2017 Rachael OWT

When it comes to decorating your living room, don’t get me wrong we love colour but, choosing a monochrome design is timeless and not to mention endlessly chic. If it was up to us we’d combine it all, but let’s have a look at the homes that take black and white living room styles very seriously. OH and we salute those who dare to have a white sofa.

Black & white living room styles we love:

1. Bold Monochrome

If you look closely at this black and white living room, black is only bought in to the room through accessories. This complements the riskay white furniture perfectly, we think. Bold pattern has been used to offset the monochrome. Adding bold elements like this stops it from becoming too minimal, if you’re a maximalist like us.

Benjamin Vandiver

2. Boho Black & White

You might not think bohemian goes well with this colour palette, but this living room proves boho can be toned down and luxed up. We love how this black and white living room uses soft textures to add warmth, and bohemian textiles for ultra style.

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

3. Glam Black & White

Adding a splash of glamour through gold accents and bold pattern works really well with black and white. This monochrome living room shows how to piece it all together for a truly classy living room.


 4. Classic Black & White

If you prefer a more understated look, this black and white living room is for you. The wall sconce and brass frame adds the perfect amount of luxury to a classic space.


5. Moody Black & White

Of course, the boldest way to add black to a space is through the walls, if you’re daring enough. This dark living room balances dark colour perfectly, with white art and neutral textures offsetting the black.


6. Arty Black & White

Lastly, a black back drop is the ideal way to make accessories and art pop. Make your books your art with a gallery wall like this one:



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